Training Plan integration with Google Calendar (Read 479 times)

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    Mrs. Stadjak and I keep share our calendars with Google Calendar to help coordinate family events.  I also have an overlay (which google just calls a calendar) for my training plan.  She cross-references this when she's planning social commitments.


    I'd love to us RA's training plan calendar instead and then publish it to my google calendar.  This way I'd only have to make changes in on place.  Also, RA's calendar features are more suitable than Google's for running -- though they lack Mrs. Stadjak friendly integration features.


    As a separate "over-lay" I'd like it if my actual workout could be posted to google calendar as well (this one I keep hidden from Mrs. Stadjak so she doesn't know when I've been slacking and makes me sleep on the couch).


    PS: RA is so feature rich and flexible, I'm just learning all the things it can do.  If this feature is already available, please just let me know how to find it.

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      I believe that this request already covers what you're looking for.



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      Interval Junkie --Nobby

        Indeed it does.  Thanks.

        2016 Goals: Lose the 10lbs I gained for not having goals