How do I have calendar start on a Sunday? (Read 618 times)

    When I'm logged in and view my calendar, the week starts on a Sunday, but if a visitor views my running log calendar, the week starts on a Monday. Is there a way to configure my log so visitors see the week starting on a Sunday?


      I guess this affects the summarization in general. In the summary, the weeks are summarized starting on a Monday too.


        My understanding is that when visitors (or at least other RA folks) view your log it shows them the week starting at whatever they specified as the start of the week (from the preferences they set). I suspect Monday is the default view day if that's what non-RA folks see, and that it would be a programming change to have it something that each user sets... I start my week on Mondays, so when I look at other people's logs, it starts on Mondays there too. But if I set my preferences to starting on Sunday and look at someone's log, it starts on Sunday for them too. Don't know if that solves your problem, but perhaps it explains it?

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          Yes, it does explain it. I guess I would have preferred people to see my log the way "I" have it configured and the way I train.


            Derek, For registered users, they view your data using their preferences. A non-registered user will use some default values, but I can change it to take on some of your preferences. eric Smile