My forum editing tools are busted. Help a brother out. (Read 347 times)


    I seriously doubt this is a site issue, but I'm unclear wha happen.


    I utilize Firefox 15.0.1 (really, whatever firefox randomly downloads as 'current'... and oh crap, firefox just downloaded another one) and Windows 7. 


    Sometime in the past week, not exactly sure when, some of the forum editor buttons stopped working for me.  I can build a post and type text... obviously.  And I can use some of the buttons like bold, underline, etc.  However, any button that pops up a message box (the image button, the link button, and the html button for example) don't work.  It pops up a gray box, but none of the dialogs/form are displayed.  Just a gray box.


    I do NOT utilize ad blockers nor other pop up blockers on this machine.  And this is the only site w/ a built in editor I'm having troubles with.  The creaky editor within RWOL (aka, the pluck tools) works fine for example.


    I have not tried uninstalling and reinstalling firefox.


    Yes, I know I suck.


      Hi srlopez,

      Is that why you haven't posted much?  :-)  I updated the wysiwyg editor recently.  It's possible that your browser didn't pick up the update.  Try forcing a reload to see if that fixes the problem.


        Without sounding like a newb, what do you specifically mean by forcing a reload?


        I've done all the typical page reload things I know how to do. 


        I'll go clear my cache and history one more time and smack my monitor.


        (I haven't been posting much because I've been sick)



          Ah.  Interesting.


          I suspect that I got caught in a weird firefox updating vortex and it didn't flush out cached stuff like I thought it did.


          I just dumped everything again... this time my browser locked up completely and I had to kill it.  Upon restart, firefox picked up Yet Another update.


          And now me buttons work again.  So I can annoy people with links and dangerous html.


          Very important stuff.


            Sounds similar to this.

            Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.


              Damn.  Same thing as that, really.  I missed it.  I probably saw 'ubuntu' and said "well, duh".


              Now I know why I don't start threads these days.  I'm such a copier. 


              This thread should be nooked.


              (but honest and for true, I did all the typical dumpings and reloadings and refreshings.  Nothing.  But firefox has gotten testy lately and I've kinda lost my feel for what the hell it is really doing)


                It may be atypical to do a Ctrl-R while the blank dialog is showing, and I don't know if that was required.  Anyway.

                Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.

                  The current version of Firefox is 16.0.1.  In this version, they modified their DOM definition, which caused a weird and hard to track down problem in my new training log code.  Specifically, it has added an "itemId" variable to its DOM objects.  In my JavaScript code, I was using "itemId" to store extra information about the HTML element itself, like this:


                  table.itemId = "1"


                  Naturally, when you view the value of table.itemId in the debugger, you would see "1".  However, with the latest Firefox, I'm seeing table.itemId before the assign is an empty string.  After the assignment, the value of table.itemId is the url of the page!  I have no idea how an assignment will trigger this but it took quite a while for me to figure out that it was a new "enhancement".


                  I also don't agree with the abandoning of major.minor version numbers because now I don't know how significant is the update.

                    It may be atypical to do a Ctrl-R while the blank dialog is showing, and I don't know if that was required.  Anyway.


                    All of RA's JavaScript files are versioned so that whenever I make a change, your browser will know to download a new copy.  However, third party JavaScript files are not versioned because I haven't figured out an automatic way to update their version number in the HTML code.  This is why you had to force a reload to bring in the new version.


                      >> oh crap, firefox just downloaded another one


                      That was, interestingly enough, firefox deciding to download 16.0.1 (to replace 15.0.1) as I wrote that very post.


                        srl, sorry to hear you've been sick.  Hope to see you again at Monkey this year.



                        I've recently switched from Firefox to Chrome on my work machine, largely due to Soluto telling me my occasional lockups were likely The Fox's fault.  Not sure if things are better now, but they're no worse.

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