First 100 mile month! (Read 726 times)

    I hit 100 miles in this 30 day month. I am extremely happy about this, as my next highest month was August at only 82 miles. This was despite being sick a couple times and having to take some days off. I also ran my furthest distance twice. This was 8.5 miles on September 11 and 10 miles on September 20.


    I was pretty slow throughout September but I sped up towards the end. I thought I could get a few more miles this month, but I got sick again when I was up until 4am doing homework the last couple nights... Okay, I guess that's it.



      Congratulations RB especially given that you had some challenges to overcome this month.  Your log looks great, and yes you are speeding up.  This is only the beginning, so keep it up!
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        Congrats on the milestone. Imagine where you will be this time next year. Keep it up!

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          Awesome!  I made it to 100 miles this month for the first time, too. 


          We rock.  Big grin

          5k - 23:30

          10k - 49:00

          Half - 1:48:34

          Full - 4:01:28


          Working toward hip nirvana.

            Way to Go! Congrats!





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              Great job!

                Good job ... 100 is a big milestone.

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                  Great Job!!!

                  Princess Cancer Pants

                    What a beautiful round number!  Big kudos for hitting this mileage milestone and your longest run, too! Smile

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                      Great milestones!  Congratulations!  Keep up the good work.

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                        Thanks a lot everyone! I am really happy with myself. A year ago a good month would be 5 miles for me.

                          Good work!  I hit 100 miles in September for the first time, too, and it felt great!  Philly Half-Marathon in November so I should have a couple more 100-mile months coming up... man, I wish I'd done this in my 20's... youth is wasted on the young.  Smile

                            whoo hoo,  two more hitting the big 100 milestone!!  great job!!  keep it going through the upcoming tough weather months.

                              *claps wildly*


                              Great job!