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    A crocodile at a zoo in the southern Taiwan city of Kaohsiung holds the forearm of a zoo veterinarian in between its teeth, April 11, 2007. The crocodile bit off the arm of the zoo veterinarian treating it, an official reported. Picture taken April 11, 2007. [Reuters]


      Haha, yep, I saw that in the paper. They managed to get it sewed back on though, but it said that it'll be while before they know whether he gets full function of it again.

      Princess Cancer Pants

        Nice lizard...give me back my arm, now.... Tongue That is grody! k

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        Getting the wind knocked out of you is the only way to

        remind your lungs how much they like the taste of air.    

             ~ Sarah Kay

          I guess he never heard the phrase "Don't bite the hand that feeds you". Man, that had to hurt.

          When it’s all said and done, will you have said more than you’ve done?

            ::shudder:: Shocked
            Jennifer mm#1231
              OMG. I'm going to have nightmares now.
                Ouch! You ever see the baboon video where it gets it's head stuck in a crocodile's mouth only to later escape? I believe the baboon poked the croc in the eye. Co-worker of mine had plenty of stories working around crocs in his younger days. One of his stories, he went out with some folks to go water skiing and the first thing they did was churn up the water a bit with the speed boat. My co-worker asked what they were doing. They told him they were scaring off the crocs. He decided he wasn't going to be a croc happy meal that day.


                  omg, I got to hand it to ya, Big grin that is nasty. looks like a good pair of aligator boots are in order.... Shocked
                  Join me on a run.