All run start times are off by an hour (Read 319 times)

    Just wondering why all of my run start times are off by an hour.  This morning's run started at 0411 according to my Garmin 910xt, but when uploaded to RA, it shows as 0511.  The time zone in Garmin shows as automatic, and when the same run is viewed in Garmin Connect the time shown is correct.  I've been noticing this for a while, but don't know when it first started occurring.


      Try logging out then logging back in.  Which browser are you using?

        I was using Firefox 17.0.1.  I logged out and back in.  But I had already fixed the start time anyway for this morning's run.  I'll have to see if it does the same thing tomorrow morning and then report back.

          Same thing happens at home with Windows XP within VirtualBox running on a Linux machine.  I think it happens with each upload consistently. I just changed the setting on the 910xt from "Automatic" to "US Eastern" with "Daylight Saving Time" set to "No."  I'll see if that makes a difference tomorrow.

            Ok, I can confirm that start times shown in RA are always an hour later than the actual start time.  This is across operating systems, and versions of Windows, but always using Firefox.  In my 910xt I set the time to manual and made sure daylight saving time was not checked.

              Interesting ....  This morning the start time was accurate.  What's different?  Don't have a clue.  When I uploaded data yesterday, I did still have the previous day's workout on there that had been run before changing the time to manual, "US Eastern" and "Daylight Saving Time" set to "No."  I cleared all history yesterday, so when I uploaded this morning I only had this morning's run on there. 


              I'll continue to monitor.

                I wanted to chime in that I was experiencing this same thing on and off when uploading my workouts (Garmin Training Center file).

                Chrome 23.0.1271.97

                Goals: To keep running regardless of what happens.

                  Time was correct when I uploaded this morning with time setting manual, "US Eastern" and "Daylight Saving Time" set to "No."  I have a feeling it will be correct from now on.

                    I made a change to the time zone detection code in the current release.  I'm not sure if it fixes your specific problem.  Could you let me know if the problem comes back?  Thanks!

                      Forgot to set my Garmin back to automatic this morning, so won't be able to tell anything until after tomorrow morning's run.

                        This morning the upload showed the correct time after having set my 910xt back to automatic.