Strides , During or after your run ? (Read 160 times)

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    Threw some strides into an easy 4 miles today and was wondering how other people do them. I used to do them after I ran and I think I will again.  Didn"t like the whole up and down thing messing with my run. I feel like when I do them after ,it's more like it's own work out.

    If there is a proper way ,let me know Smile

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      When I do them, they are always part of a run. I normally time it so my last mile is back at an easy pace.

        I usually do them in the middle of a run. For one thing I like to get to a nice flat, relatively straight stretch of road, track or athletic field which usually means a couple of miles of easy running on either end to get to/from wherever I'm doing strides. But I also usually feel much better after a set of strides--l run faster with less effort--and I like that so I generally like to have a couple/few miles to go after.

        Runners run.

          Any time I'm doing any kind of faster running (though strides are not really speed work), I like a good warmup first.  If it's a short run, they'll come at the end.


          Sometimes, on a longer run, I will start with 20 min. to go and see how many 150m strides w/ 150m rests (or 100m/100m) I can do.

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            I don't think it matters when you'd do them, but if its a faster workout, i'd like to do a few during/after warmup,  on easy runs, I do them in the last mile.  But I definitely need to do them more often.  Almost always feel better doing a few pickups/strides.  By doing them at the end, get a feel good, rush that lasts for a while after the run.

              I usually do an extended warmup (aka easy run) first, then strides, then home (sometimes by the shortest way, sometimes longer). I usually have at least 10 minutes after the strides. But if I'm doing some faster stuff around the soccer field complex, I may do 10-15 min (maybe 30min) warmup, then strides, then whatever I was planning on doing for my workout. This assumes that snow conditions cooperate, and I can do any at all.


              I do flat, straight stretches (sidewalk by school or adjacent access road (low traffic times), depending up on which has been plowed and isn't icy, or next to soccer field when snow free) where I'm not likely to run into loose dogs or other distractions to me focusing on form. (I've got an abandoned railroad trail near me where I used to like to do some speedwork, but have had dog issues in recent years. So I generally use the soccer fields for flat, fast stuff, and my hilly trails for longer subLT work.)


              But I'm a slower runner and just do what seems to work for me.


              PS: I never used to do strides, but liked them in Running Wizard's schedule a couple years ago. Last year, we had so much snow, there was seldom a time when I could do them. This year, we've got less snow, so I've been able to incorporate them a time or two each week.

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                I have not incorporated strides into my weekly runs much,  every now & then.  but plan is to start adding a few here & there each week during an easy day.   I have a 5k tomorrow so today did 45 easy mns on park trails by river with 2 strides (100 meters?) at 33 mns  & 2 more  after short recovery & last 5 mns easy.


                each week I generally do 1 harder effort (mix it up with hills, easy intervals, some sort of tempo, etc)  during middle of week & then on Sunday rotate on alternating weeks an easy even pace LR with  a mid/LR with a harder effort tempo or hard hill effort at end of run.  Plan is to add another layer of stress with strides or short hill sprints at end of an easy day.   not an elite by any stretch of the imagination


                  I will use them (1) after one of my easy runs once a week for speed maintenance, (2) after a warm-up and before a tempo or interval workout to prepare for faster running, (3) during a drill set to hardwire form, and (4) as part of an interval between hill repeats.


                  As you can see from all the replies, essential part of any training program and lots of suggestions for implementation.  Like mikeymike said, "l run faster with less effort".  Efficient speed, there is your purpose.



                      Every runner I know who was a college runner does them after the run. I prefer that, too, maybe out of habit -- but then again I am always forgetting to do strides.


                      I am not sure if there are good training reasons why they are done this way in college programs, maybe just so they are more controlled and done together.


                      I think doing them during the run is probably better for making sure they get done.


                        After. I like to finish all training runs fast (if possible), whether it's slow and easy or tempo or intervals, so I always do my fasterish bits at the very end, whether it be strides, or a decent 400 or a few quick 200's. I consider it a good race simulation since I like to finish all races at a flat out sprint. I will occasionally do a few strides in the middle of a run and consider it a fartlek workout.


                        MTA: Mikeymike makes a good point about doing some strides after a warm-up but before a workout, as it makes him feel faster. I do a few strides as part of my 2nd mile of a very slow, easy warm up before any race for this very reason.

                          To the degree that strides are form drills, they're very different from a fartlek workout. I do them during the run, with plenty of recovery between sets, because they are not supposed to be hard or taxing. It's not speedwork; it's form/neuromuscular work.


                          Also agree with strides after warmup and before a workout; there the purpose is a little different.


                            I do them before my cooldown.  So, I guess that's during.  But that's mostly for practical reasons.  I run to and from home and there's not an area where I could do strides by my house.

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                            My blog is JT Running DC.  It's awesome.

                              Mix it up. I do 4-8 X 20 sec the latest mile of a run.  Sometimes I will do this in middle of a run. Also, will do like 8 -10 X 30 sec throughout a run whenever I feel like it. It break up the monotony of a training run and shakes things up a bit.

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                                Thanks for everyone's responses. I think my not liking the strides during the run has more to do with my current fitness level.

                                Gonna try and do them once a week to get my legs going while getting back in shape.

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