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    HI all, I am excited. For two reasons. 1st: Today was the first time that I have ran below a 10 min mile. I ran for 25 minutes. Went 2.51 miles. Turns out to be 9.58 min/mile. Big grin 2nd: the scale was nice to me today. 219.5 3rd: just finished my 7th week of running. Cool Some day I will be able to run with the rest of you guys. You maybe be 150 years old by then but some day. :-)
    Short term goal: 5K Long term goal: half marathon. Stay injury free. Shawn

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        Nice milestone Shawn, well done. Keep at it and your goals will arrive sooner that you think.
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          Congrats Shawn, Big grin I've been running for about 17 years, I know milestones are always important. If you keep at it you'll be improving for around 7 years. Remember baby steps in your advancements and make it a long term commitment. Concentrate on mileage and not on speed too much yet. You should be ready for a 5k this Spring. If you need any help with training ideas you've found the right place.

          Courage ! Do one brave thing today...then run like hell.

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            Way to go, Shawn! Before you know it, you'll be hitting that 9:00/mile barrier! Smile
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              I was very surprised to see the 9.58 min/m. I am not trying to go faster. I still even had more in me to day after my run. But I sure loved to see it. I am looking forward to the 19April my first 5k. I will post then how I did.
              Short term goal: 5K Long term goal: half marathon. Stay injury free. Shawn

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                Shawn ... Ive looked at your log and you are really working hard. You, like the rest of us here, are a runner ... brilliant effort and brilliant result. Just keep going and you will realise what you can achieve. Neil UK Smile

                Running ... just keep running!
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                  thanks for the applause everyone. Also thanks to everyone for making feel welcome. It can be hard coming to a new sport not knowing any of the lingo or how to behave. That leads me to what I need to learn about in addition to training. What to do on race day. Time to start using the search function. If anyone knows of a good thread let me know. Shawn
                  Short term goal: 5K Long term goal: half marathon. Stay injury free. Shawn

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                    Great job Shawn! Consistent 10mm are my goal! Keep it up!
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                      Way to go Shawn! Stick with it, everything will come down in time (weight/pace/times) except your mileage! Wink

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                        Nice consistent running (from your log)!

                        It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.

                          great job on the weigh in and on breaking the 10 minute barrier!!
                          2009: BQ?
                            Nice job! I'm still looking forward to that one Smile
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                              Shawn...wow, you did that while hauling nearly 220#s! Just imagine how much faster you will be with an even sleeker body and more experience! I guarantee you will get under 9 minutes/mile...and faster! Smile

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                                Congratulations, Shawn! I'm still shooting for the 10-minute pace myself, so it's nice to hear that you made it! After only 7 weeks of running, too!