RunningAHEAD clothing survey #2 (Read 952 times)

    Hi guys! As an update, I'm talking to several vendors right now to provide me with clothes and screen printing the logo. I'm wondering what is a realistic price you are willing to pay for a:
  • short sleeve
  • long sleeve
  • This does not mean that if you say $50 I'll charge you $50 even though I bought it at $20. It will be at cost plus shipping, or a few dollars over only. I need a realistic answer here so I would know what my limits are. I don't want to order the clothes and they end up being too expensive. I've already got enough running clothes for 2 weeks' worth of running. I don't need any more Tongue You can post your thoughts here, or drop me an email via the feedback form if you don't want others to know about your spending habits. Thanks for the feedbacks! eric Smile

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      I would be willing to pay $20-25 for a short sleeve, and around $30 for a long sleeve. Possibly more, depending.
        Short sleeve -$25 Long sleeve - $35


          Short sleeve -$20-25 Long sleeve - $30-35
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            SS - $25 LS - $35 maybe more - depends on the shirt Wink

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              That would be about my price range too: $20-$50

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                SS- $20-25 LS- $30-35

                Tick tock

                  SS- $20-25 LS- $30-35
                  Thumbs up!

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                    SS- $30 LS- $40

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                      SS- $25 - 30 ish LS- $30 - 40 ish Thanks for your work on this!
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                        SS- $25 - 30 ish LS- $30 - 40 ish Thanks for your work on this!
                        Ditto! Smile k

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                          Alot just depends on the shirt in all honesty. However, normally I spend between $20 - $25 for a good running shirt. I really like the new Reebock Premier Vortex short sleeve tech tops. I just bought one of those for $25.
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                            SS - $29.99 LS - $39.99 Big grin


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                              SS - $29.99 LS - $39.99 Big grin
                              plus tax? Tongue Short sleeve: 20 Long sleeve: 25

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