Locating Lost GPS Watch (Read 64 times)

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    I recently lost/misplaced my Garmin Forerunner 10 GPS watch. I was wondering if there is a way to contact the company to locate the watch? I know the last time I saw my watch it was fully charged and was NOT interfacing with the satellite.


    As I was writing this thread, the idea is starting to sound very ridiculous, but what the hell... Go ahead and make fun, but no name calling

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      Bummer. I'll wager 'dollars to doughnuts'  -- as soon as you get a replacement, you'll find the lost Forerunner within minutes.


      Unfortunately, no -- the device doesn't emit or send out an signals that can be used to find it, it is just a receiver of GPS signals.


      (I was thinking if it had bluetooth for uploading data, you could wander around with a smartphone in pairing mode and when it find's the Forerunner, you'd know you're nearby...but I don't believe the FR10 has bluetooth...)

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