Recommend a Midwest Marathon for April/May? (Read 705 times)


    Can anyone recommend a marathon in the midwest US (within driving of Chicago) that takes place in late April or early May? A race that serves as a Boston Marathon qualifier would be preferred (but not essential). I'm flexible regarding terrain (hills vs flat, etc) but if you have info on this, I'm interested. Thanks! Big grin
      I run the half associated with this one but there is a full as well. I think we're about 5 hrs out of Chicago. April 28, 2007 is the date. http://www.derbyfestivalmarathon.com/race-info/default.asp Jenny
        Check out MarathonGuide.com, which probably has the most complete listing of marathons and reviews available. They have a nifty map feature which lets you see where races are being held and how large they are. For example, here's a sample of the 2007 April/May map: Other good race calenders include Running in the USA (http://www.runningintheusa.com) and Running Network (http://www.runningnetwork.com/eventcalendar.html).

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          I ran the Lincoln NE marathon in 2005 and had a great time. Course was a loop for 13.1, then an out and back off of that to finish. At the time each water stop had straws in the cups, which I tought was very cool.
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            Try the Glass City Marathon, April 15th, in Toledo, OH. Nice course, great support http://www.toledoroadrunners.org/gcm/TRRC2007GCMBro_proof9-25-2006.pdf
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              Thanks for the great suggestions... I'll take a look. If anyone has more, keep em' coming!
                Here's a trail run in Wisconsin:http://www.medfordwis.com/pine_line_marathon.htm in April. And Kansas...http://www.psychowyco.com/ , also in April. And Wisconsin in May, again a trail one http://www.iceagetrail50.com/home.php . And a really cool one in Indiana in the MUD in May...http://www.danceswithdirt.com/indiana/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=19&Itemid=34 I haven't done any of these, they're all on my "Interesting runs to do" list. Enjoy looking for one...that's one of my favorite parts of running, is browsing the internet finding all these really cool places and races to go to....and make each race experience count, because you never know when you'll be forced to stop running due to injury, obligations, health, etc.. Any way, have fun! landy
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                  I vote for the Flying Pig in Cincy in on 5/6/07. Big grin C'mon...it will be FUN!! http://www.flyingpigmarathon.com/

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                    Country Music Marathon in Nashville, TN French Lick Marathon in French Lick, IN Both in April. Both great marathons. Country Music is about 23 000 runners. French Lick had 63 finishers last year. Both are gently rolling, especially in the second half (Country Music perhaps is more so).
                      Spirit of St. Louis is April 15. This is only a 5 hour drive (or 45 minute flight) from Chicago. They offer a full marathon and a half. It's a little hilly but not too bad. Highlights include running through Forest Park, the beautiful city of Clayton, by the Arch and by the Anheiser Busch brewry. http://www.stlouismarathon.com/default.htm


                        Fargo in May http://www.fargomarathon.com/index.html

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                          Another vote fro Flying Pig, I've heard some very good things about it.

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