Why am I being asked to confirm my e-mail after every post? (Read 48 times)


    Hello admin;

    I am not such a new member here that I should be asked to confirm my e-mail after each post to the forums, yet that is what is happening.

    I am running Firefox ver 78.0.1 on Windows 10 Pro (latest build). I am not running Firefox in privacy mode. And I have Adblock Plus turned off for this site.

    Why is this happening?




    an amazing likeness

      Just a thought -- did you just subscribe to a topic (your headphone topic?) or setup a training plan with email workout notifications?


      To my knowledge, the training plan option to send daily workout notifications, and the forum 'subscription' feature are the parts of RA that needs to your account's email of record verified.  When you have a training plan with the "email daily workouts to me" checked, or you have subscribed to a forum topic, you need to verify the email address in your account info is valid, so an email is sent to your account's email with a verification link. Until that happens, your email of record is unverified.


      Were I trying to solve this...I'd check for the verification email in the dregs of your emails and if not found, flip account settings to an alternate email, save, then flip it back to get the verification email and its link.

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        I probably did subscribe to the thread I created. Each time I posted, the notification to verify appeared, and I found the verification e-mail in my inbox. I clicked the link, which then displayed the message "Your email address has been verified. Thank You".

        I guess I'll just ignore the message from this point forward.


        Edit: After posting in this thread (to which I have not subscribed) I do not receive the verification message, so you're correct about the subscription factor.