More miles than degrees club (Read 4509 times)


    Only 4 miles at -10 deg F today.  My avatar photo is from 11.5 miles at -10 deg F a few years ago.  The icicles were even better at -20 F, but no camera handy that day.


    Minus 10 isn't bad, but the eyelash ice balls at -20 pull my eyelids shut.  That's a little annoying.


    OK, all that's just crazy. Fortunately we don't often even get those kind of temps here. My kind of runs end up being something more like 12 miles in 10 degrees.


      I ran 3 miles at -4 this morning.  Do I get to count this as 7 miles?



        I ran 3 miles at -4 this morning.  Do I get to count this as 7 miles?


        No. You get to count it as 3 stupid miles. But you get 7 more-miles-than-degrees points.



          5.5 miles at 0 degrees today!

          Call me Ray (not Ishmael)

          A Saucy Wench

            Wow...tomorrow if I had child care even I could manage to join this club...Forecast for 3 F at 5 am.  I can't remember it ever getting into single digits here in the 18 years I have lived here.

            I have become Death, the destroyer of electronic gadgets


            "When I got too tired to run anymore I just pretended I wasnt tired and kept running anyway" - dd, age 7


              Ran a half today...3 degrees at the start


                Barely squeaked one in -- 15 miles at 14 degrees.


                  This morning was 12 mi at 3F.  Believe me, it felt much colder than that down by the river.  Smile

                  -- Mike


                    Cloudy all day, light snow all day.

                    Start of run, -3 degrees, feels like -22, 8 mph wind.

                    End of run:  5.8 miles; 0 degrees, feels like -18.Calm day!


                      OK, some of you are just nuts.  Smile


                      Or, maybe I feel just a little inadequate....  Had the opportunity this morning when it was 6 F.  But instead I waited until this afternoon when it was about 24.  Black eye

                      - Joe

                      We are fragile creatures on collision with our judgment day.

                        I waited till 1 pm when the temp got 'warmer'.

                        Start of run:  -8 degrees, feels like -24, 9 mph wind.

                        End of run:  -10 degrees, feels like -26, 8 mph wind.

                        Only ran 2.5 miles; more of a recovery run from yesterday but major factor was the road conditions today.

                        Despite the SUNNY blinding day, road too icy and didn't want to slip and re-injure my ankle (Nov 25th) or any other body parts.

                        I run in my trail shoes, but seriously thinking of getting some yaktrax or due north traction.

                        I will be in DC on a business trip Tues-Fri.  Weather predicted to be in the scorching 30+ degrees!!  Some light snow/rain.  Hope to run around the Washington Mall, but Hyatt has a workout room.


                          It's -2 in Minneapolis today. Haven't run yet, but I think I automatically qualify for this :-)

                          Doing 6 tonight.


                            I managed it yesterday... if we count Centigrade. This is a little harder for those of us where it's warm.


                              I don't think it really ever gets cold enough where I live for this to work but my parents emailed me a day or two ago saying it was -21 where they live (SD) and with the wind, it was 44 below.


                              They didn't run.

                              HTFU?  Why not!

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                              not bad for mile 25

                                Four miles at three degrees.  Dropped to 1F by the end of the run.