More miles than degrees club (Read 4509 times)


    7 Degrees & 8 miles


    This club is a piece of cake. Especially when you dress like I did.


    wool glove liners

    ski gloves


    knit hat

    wool mock turtleneck

    fleece vest

    fleece jacket

    wind proof briefs


    sweat pants

    wool socks

    trail shoes


    Sometimes I don't mind being overdressed.

      I've had my sights on this club since I started the Holiday Streak. Something weird is happening to me and feeling a little "twisted". When planning my run, I now think if, I go a little earlier, or wait until tonight when it's colder, maybe I can joing the More Miles than Temp club. I can't wait to see what my kids think when I tell them I ran 2.11 miles in 2* F.


      It was a gorgeous, clear night with snow on the ground. Was listening to pretty Christmas music, enjoying the lights. There was no wind, and just peaceful and perfect out there. Crazy? Maybe. but I'm now the newest member and proud of it!


      Merry Christmas Eve everyone!



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        I have two degrees - a BA and an MDiv - but I ran 8 miles yesterday. Does that count?


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          Yeah!  I'm finally IN this winter.  6 miles.  5 degrees according to the NWS weather station at the little airport near our house or 4 degrees on my little thermometer outside my kitchen window.  Either way, baby, I'm IN!

          - Joe

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            -16 at the start and -10 at the finish. 10.2 miles. I wore ski goggles for the first time and a construction mask with the breather flap removed. Both of these items worked very well. Anyhow, a net 20+ difference and I really never felt that uncomfortable. By the way, I have only recently embraced this cold running thing, I normally hate going out in anything less than 40 or so, but the fun of a community makes it a lot easier. My clothes and gear weighed about a metric to by the time I was done this morning. I guess it is time to invest in some Smartwool. Merry Christmas everyone.


              5 miles in 2 degrees.  I was of course over dressed as usual!


                First time to really have a chance to join the club.  Our son got up WAY early, all the presents were opened, we had spent about an hour putting legos together, and we were just sitting around the hotel room and the wife said I should go ahead and get a run in since i had mentioned that I could probably join the club this morning.


                -7 degrees with a light 6 mph breeze at 7:30 am here at Crested Butte, Colorado.  Ended up going ahead and running a little over 2 miles.  Starting out I felt silly wearing my ski gloves and a stocking cap, but I was glad I wore them.  Wore 2 long sleeve technical shirts and a short sleeve cotton t shirt.  Wore some unlined sweat pants and some thick wool socks with sock liners.  Actually ended up breaking a sweat when it was all said and done.


                Was fun to get in a run and would have probably never thought about trying something like that if it wasn't for this thread.

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                S Army Kettle run...

                  This week gives me my shot at making the club...this afternoon with 4.25 at 2degrees.  Sounds like the rest of the week will be more of the same. 


                    Blinding sunny day but cold.  Had to run to celebrate the New Year.

                    Start:  -7 degrees, 1 mph wind, feels -7.

                    Calm wind made for a brisk run, finished 5.2 miles.

                    Could have gone longer but frosty eyelashes made it challenging to keep eyes open .

                    End:  -10 degrees, 1 mph wind, feels -11.

                    HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!


                      Doing this today gave me a new respect for those who do it all the time.  8.25mi in 7F temps was a cold run.  Wouldn't have been quite so bad if there wasn't blowing snow on top of that.  Running is stupid. 

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                        Oh never mind - mixed up c and f lol

                        First or's the same finish line

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                        not bad for mile 25

                          5F with 6.5 miles.  The National Weather service predicts more MMTD runs for me in the next few mornings:


                          Fri  -3

                          Sat  23(!)

                          Sun  6

                          Mon  -6

                          Tue  -5

                          Wed  9


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                            Started out at 10 degrees F, ended at 11.8 degrees so I just barely made it in the club again with a 12 mile run.  Tomorrow it is supposed to be in the negative, so I should have an easier time of it Smile

                            Leah, mother of dogs


                              It's been colder than usual around here, and as a result I have no hot water in the kitchen: pipe froze. On the bright side, I got to do More Miles than Degrees for a second time! The glass is half full!


                              On December 13 it was -9 F, with a wind chill of -8 F (-13C and -22C, for my Canadian compatriots). A running buddy and I ran 11.5 miles (18.5 km). I was underdressed: a long-sleeve tech shirt and windbreaker just doesn't cut it. Doubling up on thin gloves doesn't change the fact they're thin: some of my fingers were worryingly numb for the first 15 minutes or so. At least my head stayed warm thanks to the hat. The falling snow looked great, but for the first little while it felt like More Guts than Brains, rather than More Miles than Degrees.


                              Today it was 2F, with a wind chill of -18F (-17C and -28C, respectively). Colder yes, but on the bright side this means I didn't have to go as far. :-) 4.8 miles completed (7.7 Km). More layers this time: a fleece on top of the long-sleeve shirt and windbreaker. Three pairs of gloves. Two pairs of socks. Hat. And a bandana - I was thinking I'd breathe through it and cover my face, but that didn't work out so well. Maybe I should be a bit less frugal in winter and splurge on a balaclava or something. In any event - the run was OK for the most part, but by the end of it my ears were stinging, despite the hat.


                              Pace was awful both times: I chalk it up to poor traction and stiff legs due to the weather. But I try and think back to midsummer runs when it felt like the heat was going to make me burst out of my skin. Both seasons have their pros and cons.

                                Yesterday I became a member of the "club" with my 3 mile loop in temps of -1f and a windchill of -15f with snow falling! I am not going to try today with temps of -4 and the windchill being -25 and still snowing! The plows haven't come down our road all night so the snow is half way up my legs anyway!

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