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    Perfect weather this morning for another MMTDC entry. I did 6.25 easy miles at 3F. The 30 mph winds made for a wind chill of -21F. I wore two long sleeve running shirts and because of the extreme wind added an insulated polyester pullover. Two pair of tights and a pair of Cool Max briefs kept the lower half warm. I used a Cool Max balaclava and a light weight stocking cap to keep my ears from freezing solid and breaking off and a pair of light weight Cool Max glove liners was perfect for my hands. I did pass another seasoned (crazy) veteran runner but no one else was in sight. Tom
      OK, I made it ran 14.46 km in - 13C, the conversion = 8.98 Miles in 8F. That's without windchill factored in wind was pretty steady at 40km hour. By the way I had to use my mitts to warm something other than my hands Wink. Note to self.......WEAR WIND PANTS Surprised

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        I totally forgot about the MMTD Club when I went out this morning. I had to cut my run short (misjudged my sock layers and was completely losing feeling in my toes) to 1.9 miles. The temp. at the time was 2F. Dooh! All I had to do was go another 0.2 miles, but I'd rather have my toes in one piece.

          14 miles in -20ºF windchill (actual temp: 10ºF).
            8.5 miles in 4 degrees temperature... Minus 20 with the windchill. Wasn't bad except when we ran by the lake, that was horrible.
              It sounds like you guys are getting hit pretty hard up there. My Brother-in-law was going to drive down today from the UP but US-2 and the Mackinac bridge were closed. I took a peek at the bridge cam and it was pretty much a white out. Tom
                Guess I've gotta pay a visit here... It was -15F or -38F with wind chill this morning in MN. I did 13 miles in 1:55. As smart as I am (if you can call that at all!). I ran around 35-minute long (for me) residencial area 3 laps plus from and back to my house. I was exposed to straight gusty headwind for about a half a mile stretch twice on each lap so it really wasn't that bad. At one point, the side of my mouth was getting numb and it worried me a little but... My thighs and cheeks (up in my face, not the other cheeks) burnt when I took a shower! It was fun.

                  I ran 21 miles at 17 degrees today. No problem going out, but the wind was in my face on the return. Not fun, but at least it's over.

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                    I ran 21 miles at 17 degrees today. No problem going out, but the wind was in my face on the return. Not fun, but at least it's over.
                    Wow, impressive twinmomrunner! Seriously. Wink

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                      Finally redeemed myself (after missing the club by 0.1 miles last time) with 2.7 miles at -1 F this morning. The lack of any wind made it quite enjoyable.

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                        This should not happen in Spring, but today 24 miles 21 degrees....i really hope that is the last time this year!!!
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                          I'm in!!! Big grin I did 3.25 miles with a temperature of -1°F

                            I already posted in the group but I did 4.75 miles this morning in -9 degree temps.
                              I'm in. Just barely. Last night I ran 4.2 miles at 3F. The temps should be up to 10F tonight & up to 28F before tomorrow's snow. Looking forward to it.
                                2 miles (recovery day) at 1.9 degrees yesterday morning. I'm in!

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