More miles than degrees club (Read 4509 times)


Funky Kicks 2019

    This morning 10.3 miles at minus 20 deg F with only a light breeze.  And an attack of runner's trots to liven things up.


    You win.

    Leah, mother of dogs

      I know a runner  pulling a sled 160 miles across Northern Wisconsin this weekend and the starting temp was -10 degrees. I think they've got you all beat.

        Nobody likes a braggart.


          18 miles this morning,  18º at the start,  24º at the end.

          Probably the closest I'll come to qualifying in Round Rock, Texas.


            First post of the season. This morning I ran over 18 miles (30 km) in 16 degrees F (-9 celcius) on the thermometer. Winter has started yesterday in Montreal.


            not bad for mile 25

              I was not going to run 43 miles this morning.


                I forgot. 100 miles, 95 degrees, two weeks ago, Javelina Jundred.


                Break on through

                  26 miles at 21 degrees - Roxbury Marathon.  Winter is here in Connecticut!

                  "Not to touch the Earth, not to see the Sun, nothing left to do but run, run, run..."


                    this feels a little bit like cheating----but I guess I am in on a technicality.

                    according to my phone ----3.2 miles at 3 degrees.

                    wife is pissed that I went----but other than that it was a beautiful run---right at sunrise ,an inch or 2 of snow on the ground, perfectly clear,cloudless deep blue sky and absolutely zero wind.


                    I ran about the same route  2 days ago and I thought at the time "I may not run the furthest or the fastest---but I DO have the first effing footprints  down the trail this morning"----was glad to see they were still visible this morning.



                    Mmmm.... toasty

                      I finally get to join! 10 mi in the following (was away from my normal location):


                      5:52A (prior to start): 5 F, WC -9 F

                      6:52A (during): 4F/-8F

                      7:52A (during): 3F/-8F

                      8:52A (after): 4F/-7F


                      The one thing that kept me going the last couple of miles is I thought it was getting warmer and didn't want to end up missing out by a stinkin' degree F or something.



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                      not bad for mile 25

                        Ah, I forgot. I'm in easily the past two days, with temps of 5F and -4F respectively.

                          I made it to the club today as well.  Below 0, and ran 4.25 miles.

                          Calm and felt fairly warm.  No complaints here.

                          Easier to do here in Michigan than when I lived in Dallas!

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                          #1: Do what I can do

                          #2: Enjoy life



                            13.1 miles in snow and 6F. Real feel well below zero. Happy new year everyone!

                            Joann Y

                              I think this may be the first time I'm in the club (maybe in the 1990s when I was young and a lot hardier). 12 today in 9 (-6 wind-chill) and 7+ yesterday in 4 (-15 windchill).


                                Happy New Year.  7.6 miles today.  Temp -9.  Wind chill -24.  Yeah!

                                - Joe

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