More miles than degrees club (Read 4509 times)

Imminent Catastrophe

    If you start using rankine I'll start using cubits.

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      I couldn't resist posting to this old thread.


      17 miles today.  12 degrees F.

      - Joe

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        If you start using rankine I'll start using cubits.

        Waiting to see this show up on the feature request thread.

        It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.

          I couldn't resist posting to this old thread.


          17 miles today.  12 degrees F.



          it's all good, fun thread, although I will have to move to have any reasonable chance of club membership living  ne of Seattle.   10.6 yesterday at 24 degrees.  probably as close as will come.  could move to Eastern side of state, or visit daughter at WSU.  Guess could put on some aktraks & go trailrunning up in the Cascades.


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            Just found this thread -- as of 2011 -- 1/1/11 5  miles -- temperature: 3 degrees Fahrenheit.

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                My run on 12/28    0 degrees, 5 miles.   

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                  Had to bring this back for all running nut-jobs Joking


                  I ran 7mi today, it was 6F at the start of my run, 2F at the end.  (don't ask how it dropped 4F in an hour, I'm going by the weather networks temperatures).  No windchill, thank goodness.

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                  the man put the gun away

                    6 when it was 5 this morning

                      18 miles, 16 degrees today.


                        Way more miles than degrees M-F this week... I was in Banff; typically it was 15 below every day when I went running.*


                        *Which is why I did everything on the indoor 100m track. But hey, I still managed 0 every day outdoors, which is more miles than degrees.


                          Does this count? I was outside feeding the horses when I saw that it was -3F, so I ran across the yard to the barn. Just to make sure I had all my bases covered I ran backwards for a bit too. I would add it to my running log, but then I'd have include Arctic Cat snow boots under running gear.


                          S Army Kettle run...

                            Not sure what's up with me.  I usually lock up in the basement with the dreadmill, but this winter I've been getting out. 


                            Yesterday afternoon 3.5 mi at 2degrees .....  This morning 11mi at 7degrees. 



                              easy to achieve today, it as -4F when I went out.  10 1/4 miles.

                                My dog and I just did a mile @ 0 degrees. It was all sunshiney, so I had no idea it was that cold until I got going and my breath started freezing,