Strange heart monitor readings for first mile (Read 404 times)


    I have a Wahoo (their app sucks, BTW), but have had trouble all along, especially in the cold. It takes so long to get warmed up and get the readings to stabilize, I finally got some electrode gel (BuBump). That pretty much works.


    I've got the Garmin soft strap, and I routinely have had trouble with the initial readings, and wetting (spit or otherwise) didn't help.  I also switched to electrode gel, and that pretty much works for me, too...provided that my strap is washed frequently.  I still get faulty readings sometimes, especially in colder weather.

      I'm not a morning person & so as to negate the need for dampening the contacts, i whack my Polar HR belt in the freezer compartment over night. aside from WAKING ME THE FUCK UP when i put it on, a few minutes of defrosting seems to give accurate results (the slight negative being that i smell of Findus Crispy Pancakes & Ben & Jerry's Phish Food upon my return).

      My leg won't stop mooing.


      i think i've got a calf injury.


        Ok that is hardcore.