Geocaching (Read 245 times)

    So, I have been vaguely aware of Geocaching as an hobby for the last couple years, but didn't really know anything about it, or how it worked.  A week or two ago my family joined modern society and got a smart phone.  Yesterday it occurred to me that this might be a fun activity for our children (8 and 6) so we found an app (c:geo for android), picked out a cache to hunt from the webpage, and headed out.  Basically you park somewhere near by, the phone (or other GPS unit) gives you an arrow toward the location and range.  You follow the pointer until you are close (at about 10 feet the GPS wasn't accurate enough to get us any closer) and then search.  The cache was a smallish plastic box with a log book and a few trinkets inside (apparently trading an item for one in the box is common).  The kids thought the idea of "treasure hunting" was a lot of fun, and they were thrilled to sign the log book (in the container).  It really made for a fun (and free) afternoon activity, and both of the children liked it so much they asked if we could go find another one that evening (we did).  At the second one another group of people hunting showed up about two minutes after us, and we had a good time chit chatting with them.


    The caches are beyond ubiquitous (there are 630 within a 10 mile radius of us according to the webpage) and it makes for a fun excuse to go hunting through your local park, or for a hike.  If you have children and have never tried this I highly recommend, it's a great time.

    Whatever my lot, thou hast taught me to say, It is well, it is well with my soul.

      Yes Geocaching is fun. When my son was much younger he and found quite a few. We even have our own that is going strong for 6 years. Sometimes I think we need to get back at it and find some more.


      I think I got Lyme disease while geocaching but that's another debate.

        I used to geocache alot. It took me to some parks and trails I never knew existed. It was fun. Havent gone since Ive started running. But once my daughter is old enough to go for a hike, I plan on starting up again.