100 mile months (Read 807 times)

IMKY13 finish!!

    My 4.5 mile run last night put me over 100 miles for the month of November. This is the fifth straight month that I've run at least 100 miles...the longest consecutive streak since I started running over 2 1/2 years ago. My goal is to always get at least 100 miles each month.

    Fitness/weight goals for 2014



    2) Get to 189 lbs by the end of July 2014...and stay there (as of 4-25-14 was at 203 lbs)

    3) Complete Ironman Chattanooga in under 14 hours

    4) Break 4 hours in a stand alone marathon (Goal race=Rocket City 12/13/14)

    5) 4,500 total overall miles for the year:

             Swim: 100 miles

             Bike: 3,000 miles

             Run: 1,400 miles

    My legs are killing me

      Nice job Paul.

      On the road again...

        Great job! This should be me second month of 100+ in a row.

        I have a love/hate relationship with running. I do it, but sometimes I love to hate it.




        Mind Over Matter

          That is awesome!





            Way to go Paul!! Very good consistency.



              Great job. Today I hit 100 miles for the month for the 48th consecutive month (4 years) That is my big streak I hope to keep going. You can do it too!!