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    I was thinking on my run the other day about the different places I get to run. Just curious- where do you run? I get the opportunity run in a few different areas: 1- Two different courses from my house. I can do a 3 mile loop up to a 10 mile loop. All pavement. 2- three different local parks- one with a small 1.2 mile loop, one with a 3 mile loop, and one with a 5 and 7 mile loop. There are numerous other parks that I have checked out yet. Combo of trail and pavement. 3- a local greenway where I can run upto 15 miles out and back. Combo of trail and pavement. There are a couple of other places but I have tried them out yet do to the distance from my house- but I may try them soon as they are all trail. One has an 8 mile loop and one has an 11 mile loop.
      I do all my running on 2 loops near my house. One is 2.5 and the other is 6 miles. Both are 99% concrete sidewalk and 1% grass. I'm starting to get a little tired of the same 'ole routes and am looking into some of the local parks and maybe trails to mix it up a little bit.

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        Most of my runs are on my street. I'm kind of isolated where I live -- it's either my street or cross a highway. And there's only one street -- no cross streets. But it's not bad -- 0.75 mi paved (with 200 ft elevation increase over the first 0.5mi). Then it turns to gravel and goes through the woods with rolling hills. I can basically do an 8-mile out and back. Recently started running the trails in a nearby state park. I hope to explore those a lot this summer.

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          The neighborhood near my house is quiet and set up in the classic grid pattern so I do most of my runs by adjusting which cross streets I use. There are also two walking paths, one in town and one in the next town over which I use. I do most of my trail running at a little park down the street. I get bored easily so I need some variety in my training. Cool

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            I'm lucky in that I have many options. Where I work, it is set up perfectly for running with various terrain available. Hills, trails, hilly trails, loops, and a corporate gym to change/shower. On the way home there is a lake with a running trail around it where it is marked in 1/4 mile increments, restroom, water, and porta johns. From home I have many options too. Favorite has been to run down to another lake which has 2 different trails that are marked in 1 mile increments. All dirt, hills, rocks, etc... Plus since I always have the option to go run near the ocean or mission bay or coronado. San Diego is running paradise. Oh and the weather doesn't suck!!


              The running path at the local park and the high school track are across the street from each other, but I find them a bit boring. The park path is only 0.4 miles and it's concrete, which is a bit hard on my knees. If I have to run after dark, I go there. I have 5 or 6 different out and back/loop combinations that spoke out from my house. I rarely run the same one twice in a row. The variety gives me different hills and scenery. Dave
                I'm lucky that I live .25 miles from a beach. It's not a wide beach so you have to time low tide right, but it's still sand which is nice. Otherwise I run around 1 of 2 parks nearby on paved trails, both baout 5 mile loops form my house. I wish we had real trails, but everything is asphalt or concrete. If it mid-day and really hot and humid I'll take to the treadmill inside the air conditioned gym.
                  When I do my usual 5k route, I run in my neighborhood, and then across a sort of main road into a new development that has a nice hilly loop and back towards home. I run on the street and on the sidewalk, depending on the time of day. For longer runs I do my usual 5k route and then keep on going across town, going on the other side of Main Street and to a quiet area with some long stretches of sidewalks. All done of street and sidewalk. No grass. No track.


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                      I apparently live very close to some long and winding bike trails, which I will have to check out very soon. Right now I run mainly around my apartment complex, almost completely on concrete. There are some suburban neighborhoods in the area that I need to check out as well. I moved to this place not too long ago, and injuries have kept me from exploring. Hopefully I'll be able to answer that question in a few weeks.
                        All over Baltimore City, pretty much ! Big grin
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                          around the beach and bay boardwalks. I like to run uninterrupted by cars or traffic lights. I can go up to 22 miles and only hit 1 stop light crossing sea world drive. Smile
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                            I am so jealous of you Trishie. I went to college in Balto. It's my second home. I am looking into races in Balto. They have a million . I took a running class in college. Hated it then. My final was running for a half hour. I was hung over and running through piles of cicada shells. ewwwww


                              Thanks Mississippi. I can't exactly run like a Stallion, but I can dream.

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                                Kelstar - What college did you go to? I was at TU. I remember the summer with the cicadas. I think I stayed in the gym for the most part that year.