Homeschooling? (Read 1986 times)

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    Like, do you believe the earth is thousands of years old or billions of years old?


    Thousands of years does not seem very young to a mere human.  Billions of years is young in the grand scale of the galaxy's timeline. 


    But.  What does my personal belief system have to do with educating children?

      Nothing, I was referring to what I interpreted as your view of Collins.

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        Nothing, I was referring to what I interpreted as your view of Collins.


        Collins disproves the young-earth hypothesis, therefore the world is billions of years old.  After all, who else has both  pre- and post-Genesis phases to his/her career?


        Unless we're not talking about Phil Collins.  Then ignore what I just said.

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            Speaking of Phil Collins, tell me he doesn't look like Ernest T Bass.



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              What is really cool is that anybody who is an experti in one thing gets to be an expert in everything.


              If you got that from what I said, I'm not sure where you're getting it.  I don't think either of the Frances would claim to be an expert in everything (look to Watson for that), I think Nads was just pointing out that science and religion need not be mutually exclusive.  While I don't ascribe to exactly what Collins describes in his book in terms of how he reconciles Christianity and science, but he is hardly alone or an outlier.

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                I don't really like home schooled kids.  They're harder to sell books too.  Wink


                In all seriousness though, I'm not sure if I know any kids who were home schooled.  Or rather, of the adults I know, I am not sure which (though I assume some) were home schooled.

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                  Collins disproves the young-earth hypothesis, therefore the world is billions of years old.  


                  I don't think Collins set out to "disprove" or "prove" anything. 

                    The reason why I asked is that many Christians homeschool in part because they don't agree that biologists should teach evolutionary theory without also teaching about religion even though it is pretty obvious that one can do biology with or without religion. This is a big deal here in Tennessee: in fact people actually want to make a law that you have to teach Christianity alongside evolution in biology class. It's pretty weird. Many of those people are homeschoolers.


                    I was curious if this was how cagery felt and whether this was a big issue for him. I assume it's not because he was talking about how he thinks a lot of fundamentalists go too far.


                    MTA: Oh, and since Francis Crick was brought up, albeit inadvertently, he was a regular LSD user. His public stance on Christianity was the following: 'Christianity may be OK between consenting adults in private but should not be taught to young children.' So, you can see that evolutionary biologists have many different attitudes towards religious faith (and probably also drug use.)


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