Dailies… a different approach. (Read 108 times)

Samurai in Training

    Eric, I was thinking about the Dailies a bit this morning while on a conference call.  I wonder what that call was about Wink


    Since we have you, a dedicated bunch of runners, loggers and forumites, and they all like to talk and/or post about their daily workouts,  I think you may have an opportunity to set  this site apart from others even more.


    The idea…

    Create a dailies section of the site that would still be very similar to a forum post.  This way, everyone can still have their conversations about their workouts, kids or the poo we stepped in on this morning’s run.  We don't want to lose this.  However, if someone creates a log entry, they would have the option to post it to the dailies as well and make their comments and continue the conversation.


    Each group would automatically have their “Dailies” available to them each day.  First person to post would get to claim that group’s topic of the day and create the subject matter.  When a person posts to a group’s dailies, they would have an option to cross-post it automatically to any other groups they are members of.


    Just an idea to throw against the wall and see if it sticks.