2022 Advanced Racing Thread (Read 493 times)


RIP Milkman

    That's almost expected when using taxis abroad LOL.

    I have some stories to tell about that.

    Anyway, we use Uber whenever available now.


    Same. My worst story was in Madrid with this stuff. So maybe it's the Spaniards? Flavio would love to hear some of your stories as our international travel man.

    5K: 16:37 (11/20)  |  10K: 34:49 (10/19)  |  HM: 1:14:57 (5/22)  |  FM: 2:36:31 (12/19) 


    Next Race: NYC Half (3/19)



      Flavio-I was in Barcelona when it locked down,being an English man abroad I went to go for a run despite not being meant to,I got pulled by the police and told to go back to my hotel,so being a smart arse I went round a corner and carried on running,only for the police to come and threaten to arrest me unless I went back.Crazy times.

      Jmac-That's great winning your AG in a big race,well done.

      Mark-What's your target for next week?

      Steve-Another belting week and great session in it,looking very good.

      Taper week this week,main run was 14 today with 6 at MP,came out exactly at 3:05 pace,but felt harder than it should,hopefully the next 2 weeks will make it easier.

      Weekly for period: From: 08/22/2022 To 08/28/2022

      Date Name mi km Duration Avg/mi Avg/km Elevation Gain
      in ft
      08/24 Afternoon Run 7.07 11.38 00:58:31 08:17 05:09 315
      08/25 Afternoon Run 7.04 11.33 00:58:11 08:16 05:08 315
      08/26 Afternoon Run 7.05 11.35 00:58:13 08:15 05:08 315
      08/28 14 Inc 10k at MP 14.00 22.52 01:47:46 07:42 04:47 623

      Total distance: 35.17mi

      5k 17:35,10k 36:43,10m 61:55,HM 1:24:03,Full 3:07:39

      cinnamon girl

        M: 8 mi (8:00)
        T: 9 mi +350ft +strides (8:03)
        W: 5 x 800 (2:58, 2:58, 2:57, 2:57, 2:56) w/400 rec (2:10-2:25), 10 min (7:45), 5 x 30 sec 10% hills (50-60 sec slow jog down rec)
        T: 6 mi (8:16)
        F: 8 mi (8:07)
        S: 12 mi (8:06)
        S: 6 mi (8:12)

        My work week is not monday through friday and it varies every week so my training will never look consistent. Spain - I'm just hoping for some Gin Mare and I'll be happy

        Steve - yes couch afterwards should be expected. But also seeing what pace you ran your recovery at the next day also says you're strong.

        Ian - that's a lot of elevation for your MP run - is that similar to what your race will have?

        2022                                                          2023

        Mar: Oakland Half 1:28:59                        Feb: Ventura Half                   

        Aug: Lake Merced Half 1:28:14                

        Oct: Rogue Half 1:27:14





          Cinnamon-No,Antwerp has less than 300ft over the whole race.The problem I have is unless I go and drive the only place I can run flat is by the front,and it's way too windy sometimes to be worth it.Hoping that if I hit the paces on a hilly course the flat will be worth a bit of time.

          5k 17:35,10k 36:43,10m 61:55,HM 1:24:03,Full 3:07:39


            Mikkey: Thanks for those pictures.


            Cinnamon girl: Nice Wednesday workout


            My Week:                                                                Miles     Kilos     Time        Pace/mi      Pace/kilo


            8/22: Off. Upper body and core work


            8/23: Easy 6.5                                                          6.5        10.4       50:46      7:49            4:52


            8/24: 20 minutes easy, then                                     9           14.5       66:57      7:27            4:38

            8 X 3min fast/2min slow, then

            the rest easy, leg strength

            work later


            8/25: Easy 7, upper body + core later                      7            11.2      54:54      7:51            4:53


            8/26: First mile easy, then 6 mile tempo,                  9            14.5     66:18      7:22            4:35

            then 2 miles easy, all continuous. The tempo

            was 40:36, I wasn't happy with this. I felt stiff

            and felt like I was straining and this is a slow



            8/27: Easy recovery run                                            5.5         8.8       43:11      7:52            4:54


            8/28: 15 mile long run. Kept the pace

            somewhat consistent, a little progressive.

            This felt better than the tempo run, but the

            heat and humidity got to me at the end.                    15         24.1     1:50:37   7:23             4:35

            Had some splits in the low 7s.   

            Possible light leg strength later?


            Total: 52 miles/83.7 kilos, 6:32:43. Also, I'm on Strava now if anyone wants to follow me and vice versa, Some already are.


              Unexpected finish of the week - ran Santa Rosa marathon, was 1:29:59 at the 13.1 mark and finished at 2:59:13. Was doubting my ability to go sub 3 up until last mile, but managed to sneak in comfortably under it. Really unexpected, not sure how to explain, but I will obviously take it - it has been long 3 years since I had sub 3 race last time.


              Weekly for period: From: 08/22/2022 To 08/28/2022

              Date Name mi km Duration Avg/mi Avg/km  
              08/22 Evening Run 11.28 18.14 01:41:28 09:00 05:36  
              08/23 2 @uncertain effort 5.06 8.14 00:40:52 08:05 05:01  
              08/24 Evening Ride 3.00 4.83 00:22:36 07:32 04:41  
              08/24 Evening Run 8.25 13.28 01:12:44 08:49 05:29  
              08/25 Lunch Run 6.57 10.57 00:57:24 08:44 05:26  
              08/28 Morning Run 1.88 3.02 00:17:02 09:04 05:38  
              08/28 2022 Santa Rosa marathon 26.23 42.20 02:59:14 06:50 04:15  
              08/28 Morning Run 1.21 1.95 00:12:37 10:26 06:28  

              Total distance: 60.48mi

              paces PRs - 5K - 5:48  /  10K - 6:05  /  HM - 6:14  /  FM - 6:26 per mile


              Mother of Cats

                Hi all - just thought I'd check in briefly. My excuse for being absent the last two weeks is that I am starting a new job tomorrow (still a lawyer, just moving from private sector to public sector).  So I've been really busy trying to close out/transition stuff at my old job and do all the paperwork to onboard for my new job. Next week I hope to be back to posting regularly.


                I'm still tentatively planning on running the Chicago Marathon. It's tentative because of the swap to the new job, which means I start from zero in terms of accrued vacation, sick leave, etc. Combine that with the fact that I'm now working with a movement disorder specialist neurologist who wants to run a few tests in the next month (which will require time off from my new job) and it may be hard for me to fit in a trip to Chicago to run a marathon. We shall see. In the meantime, my fitness is improving from the training, so no reason not to keep doing it to keep the option open.


                Cal - congrats!!!!  And hi to the rest of you - I'm going to have to take a pass on commenting for another week until I'm settled into the new gig.



                57 miles running, 5 hours pool-running, and 1000 yards swimming.
                M: 6 miles, including some relaxed 200s focusing on form, and then 1 hour pool-running.
                T: 10 miles very easy (9:50), drills/strides, and upper body weights/core.
                W: 12 miles, with 2 sets of (2K, 1200, 1600) at 10 mile race effort plus 400m a bit harder. Splits were 8:52, 5:13, 6:54; 8:38, 5:08, 6:48; and 97. Recoveries of 2:3x-2:4x in the sets, and 5:16 and 5:40 after each set. Followed with leg strengthwork and 500 yards recovery swimming.
                Th: 2 hours pool-running and streaming yoga.
                F: 12 miles very easy (9:42), drills/strides, and upper body weights/core.
                Sa: 17 miles, including 2x5 miles at marathon effort (paces were 7:37 and 7:34) with 1 mile easy in between plus a water break. Followed with injury prevention work and 500 yards recovery swimming.
                Su: 2 hours pool-running and streaming yoga.

                Everyone's gotta running blog; I'm the only one with a POOL-RUNNING blog.


                And...if you want a running Instagram where all the pictures are of cats, I've got you covered.


                  Congrats on that sub 3 Cal!


                    Steve - excellent week.  The texture of the Maurten gels does take a bit of getting used to but they are a great product.


                    Flavio - well, of course the restaurant is just open in the hope they can still take some money off you and the kitchen doesn't have to do any work haha.


                    Ian - goal would be a 10k road PB (33:14) but there is a reasonable chance it'll be windy down there so I'll have to adjust that based on weather.  And at this stage, the forecast is wet and windy which does not look great, but it's been a pretty wet and miserable winter here so I've had a bit of practice.  Plus it's still 6 days out so that could all change.


                    Cinnamon - that Wed workout is nice.  800's are probably the most fun repeat to run on the track.  Chucking some hills in after was a big play too (I think Darkwave has previously suggested that's a good combination).


                    Darkwave - commented on the other thread, but congrats on the new job!


                    mmerkle - added you on Strava.


                    Cal - great job on the sub-3!  Love it when a plan comes together haha.

                    3,000m: 9:07.7 (Nov-21) | 5,000m: 15:39 (Dec-19) | 10,000m: 32:34 (Mar-20)  

                    10km: 33:15 (Sep-19) | HM: 1:09:41 (May-21)* | FM: 2:41:41 (Oct-20)

                    * Net downhill course

                    Last race: Clevedon Country Half Marathon, 5 Feb, 1:17:50, 1st overall

                    Up next: Waterfront Half Marathon, 2 Apr

                    "CONSISTENCY IS KING"

                      Just popping in to say congratulations to Cal on the sub 3!  Showing all the youngsters how it's done. 

                      2:52:16 (2018)


                        Holy smokes!!!  Congrats

                          Cal ran a sub 3 ? How is this possible, what a beast 

                          50+ PBs -  

                          5k 18.21 Hagley Parkrun  July 21      82.27 % age grade

                          10k TT 37.21 may 2nd 2021 strava run 82.51 % age grade

                          Half marathon  1.23.30 may 21 80.11 % age grade

                          " If you don't use it you lose it,  but if you use it, it wears out.

                          Somewhere in between is about right "      



                          RIP Milkman

                            Just popping in to say congratulations to Cal on the sub 3!  Showing all the youngsters how it's done. 


                            Okay. Cal officially takes the sandbag trophy. All the moping on here about what shape he is in and then "comfortably" runs a sub 3!


                            What a legend. Congrats!

                            5K: 16:37 (11/20)  |  10K: 34:49 (10/19)  |  HM: 1:14:57 (5/22)  |  FM: 2:36:31 (12/19) 


                            Next Race: NYC Half (3/19)



                            Mmmm Bop

                              Cal - Great run and not far off another Moose Mug time. 👍

                              5k - 17:53 (4/19)   10k - 37:53 (11/18)   Half - 1:23:18 (4/19)   Full - 2:50:43 (4/19)


                                Cal-Great stuff on the casual sub 3.

                                5k 17:35,10k 36:43,10m 61:55,HM 1:24:03,Full 3:07:39