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Mmmm Bop

    Finished Antwerp in 3:10:04,not quite the time I wanted and a rough positive split but should be good enough for London GFA for next year.Will post a RR when I'm finished drinking and eating.


    Well done and looking forward to the RR. 👍


    You must older than I thought as it’s sub3:15 for 50-54 GFA. If that’s the case then I’m pretty sure you’re guaranteed a place.


    ETA - I registered for London last week and might run it as a victory race which is 6 days after Boston. 

    5k - 17:53 (4/19)   10k - 37:53 (11/18)   Half - 1:23:18 (4/19)   Full - 2:50:43 (4/19)


      Antwerp Marathon.

      I decided to go out at 3:07 pace(40sec pb) it was a twisty course in places which threw GPS off a lot,at 10k it said 10.5k then by 14 it was back level so I just decided to trust my watch rather than the markers,got to 13.1 in 1:33:16 so on track and feeling fine,kept going well until 20 when I started struggling,wasn't really expecting it as i got cramp,its something I used to often get but haven't had it for quite a while.My B goal all along was 3:10 so started aiming at that to keep the focus,got slightly behind pace with a mile so left so really tried to push,crossed the line in 3:10:04.
      It was a very flat course,plenty of water and iso drink stops,only negatives is its twisty with lots of little corners to break up the rhythm and again quite a few areas with cobbles,but overall its a fast race.

      GPS was weird,I measured 26m,but my wife measured 26.3,as said though it was twisty with lots of trees around .It does have a WA measured certificate.

      My 3rd fastest race and best since 2019.Chicago in 4 weeks,when I've done them like this in the past I've always ran faster in the second so will go for 3:07 again.

      Finished 63/1117,somehow I net overtook 14 in the last 8 miles.

      Mikkey-I turned 50 last month,partly the reason I picked this race.Wife also got GFA and a 30min PB so a decent day.

      5k 17:35,10k 36:43,10m 61:55,HM 1:24:03,Full 3:07:39

        Ian - nice job! Sorry about the rough finish, but as far as positive splits go, that’s not too bad. Most of us have had much worse. You didn’t mention the weather—how was that?


        My week was a complete bust. The weather was beautiful all week, even getting down to the low 50s for my early AM runs  I was feeling ready to crush my HM on Sunday. But then Friday night the smoke rolled in. Air quality was pretty awful on Saturday morning and worsened as the day went on. Sunday I woke up early for my race and checked the AQI;  it was still through the roof, so decided to take a DNS. The week in a nutshell:shit mileage, nothing resembling a LR, and not even a heavy-duty workout since I was anticipating the race. Not the kind of thing you want with 4 weeks to go. Oh well. 

        Hopefully the smoke clears up soon. I have a business trip the coming week which will be good for getting away from the bad air, but can make it difficult to get in the runs & workouts I’d like. We’ll see how it goes.


        Weekly for period: From: 09/05/2022 To 09/11/2022

        Date Name mi km Duration Avg/mi Avg/km Elevation Gain
        in ft
        09/05 Morning Run 8.03 12.92 01:08:52 08:35 05:20 305
        09/06 Morning Run 10.08 16.22 01:30:34 08:59 05:35 472
        09/07 6x800m w/200m recoveries + 3x200m 9.07 14.59 01:17:29 08:33 05:19 164
        09/08 Morning Run 7.01 11.28 01:02:17 08:53 05:31 335
        09/09 Morning Run 6.03 9.71 00:55:29 09:12 05:43 249
        09/10 Morning Run 5.10 8.21 00:45:49 08:59 05:35 223

        Total distance: 45.32mi



        Hot Weather Complainer

          Ian - Sorry to hear the cramp afflicted you too.  6+ miles to negotiate after cramp arrives is a long way, so that result is extremely impressive.


          Dave - That sucks on the weather/smoke ruining your week and half.  Big call to pull the pin, but sounds like a good decision for your health and your main goal.


          darkwave - Ha!  The way you phrased that makes it sound like everyone has had to endure my training cycle...my partner certainly has, and still has PTSD from the screams of pain from the post-run cramp on Saturday.  She sat next to me helping me drink my powerade and got a bucket when the pain started to bring on the nausea.


          Flavio - I'll definitely be looking at how I can stay relaxed on race day/week.  You're right that I've done a fair few big runs.  I restored my confidence by thinking about that run 2 weeks ago where I did 4 5km MP blocks with a total volume of 38km and felt great.  I was coming off a down week although I had a big med-long on Wednesday night (22km) so maybe that run is a closer predictor of the race when I'll be even more rested.


          What's your wife targeting for the half?


          JMac - I actually helped my partner load and unload a new supply of hay for her horse last week (she has bad hay fever, so has to stay in the car while I do it - not great for a horse person!).  I even took a photo after I'd finished with a view to posting it for you after I nailed my last long run.  But screw it, I'm ready to race so I'll do it anyway...


          5km: 18:53 12/22 │ 10km: 40:49 2/22 │ HM: 1:27:32* 5/22 │ M: 3:35:02 10/22

          *Net Downhill.  Flat course PR:  1:29:25 6/16

          Upcoming Races:

          Christchurch Marathon April 16, 2023


            Nice Race Ian Turning 50 has one advantage anyway  well done working through the cramps!!

            5K 18:36 (2023), 10K 39:40 (2022), 1/2 1:29:07 (2015), full 2:58:36 (2015) 


              My week...First speed Monday and today.  Felt good to race again Monday.  It was supposed to be cool and rainy....turned out to be Hot and humid.  Rain came right after race was over.  Won my AG which is always nice.  I'll have to find another 10K or half to get some idea where I am now.


                Week 12        
              Date Name Miles Duration Avg/Mile Notes
              9/5 Labor day 10K 6.3 0:42:55 6:50 Hot/humid 10K
              9/6 AM Commute 7.7 1:07:57 8:53  
              9/6 PM Commute 7.6 1:02:23 8:12 PM fartleks
              9/7 Lunch Run 13.0 1:43:38 7:58 MLR 
              9/8 AM Commute 7.6 1:07:54 8:56  
              9/8 PM Commute 7.6 1:04:32 8:13 Strides
              9/9 AM Commute 7.6 1:09:08 9:02  
              9/9 PM Commute 7.6 1:04:32 8:26  
              9/10 Morning run 6.5 0:57:24 8:48  
              9/11 Long run 18.0 2:30:02 8:22 6 MP miles @ 7:25
                Total: 89.5      

              5K 18:36 (2023), 10K 39:40 (2022), 1/2 1:29:07 (2015), full 2:58:36 (2015) 


                Ian Nice job on that race.


                My Week:                                                     Time:            Miles:      Kilos:     Pace/mi     Pace/kilo


                9/5: Off. Did some upper body

                and core


                9/6: Easy 8.5                                               67:50              8.5          13.6       7:59            5:00


                9/7: 2 miles for WU and CD,

                6 X 1000 on the track with

                2:30 rests, mostly in the rain

                3:30,3:28,3:25,3:25,3:28,3:15                     53:25              7.7          12.4        6:56           4:19

                Leg strength work later


                9/8: Easy 8                                                 64:53                8            12.8         8:07           5:02


                9/9: Easy 6.5                                              50:08               6.5          10.4         7:43           4:48


                9/10: 16 mile long run.

                This long run went well and

                felt great. Had some splits

                in the upper 6's and low 7's                       1:55:27             16           25.7         7:13           4:29


                9/11: Super easy lazy 4 on

                treadmill                                                     34:51                 4             6.4          8:43           5:26


                Remark: I attempted the don't look at your watch challenge for the long run. I made it until mile 13.


                Total: Miles: 50.7, Kilos: 81.6, 6:26:34


                  Ian - congrats on the marathon result and scoring GFA.


                  Dave - sorry about half marathon saga and screwed up week. It's unfortunate with air quality, if not air quality, it still would make sense to run HM, but not with bad air, for sure. I don't think it will be a big deal in the long run - it's hard to get completely ideal cycle.


                  Steve - stop fidgeting about that long run! You did plenty of them - so, as everybody says - hay is in the barn - now it's all about positive thinking!


                  DW - good week


                  Fishy - great mileage and congrats on AG win!


                  mmerkle - good mileage for your first marathon cycle (first cycle?)


                  Good week for me considering I ran marathon two weeks ago. Did workouts on Tuesday and Friday and ran LR on Sunday. The week was absolutely crazy hot. At 6pm it still was 96-98oF, but I had no choice. One more week of good mileage and then two weeks taper.

                  Weekly for period: From: 09/05/2022 To 09/11/2022

                  Date Name mi km Duration Avg/mi Avg/km  
                  09/05 Evening Run 11.34 18.24 01:46:24 09:23 05:50  
                  09/06 2 x 3 miles 1 mile jog 9.48 15.25 01:08:29 07:13 04:29  
                  09/07 Evening Run 11.46 18.44 01:41:41 08:52 05:31  
                  09/08 Evening Run 11.32 18.21 01:41:36 08:59 05:35  
                  09/09 with 9 @mp effort 12.02 19.34 01:27:59 07:19 04:33  
                  09/10 Afternoon Run 11.34 18.25 01:43:59 09:10 05:42  
                  09/11 Afternoon Run 20.19 32.48 02:45:56 08:13 05:07  

                  Total distance: 87.15mi

                  paces PRs - 5K - 5:48  /  10K - 6:05  /  HM - 6:14  /  FM - 6:26 per mile


                    Dave-The weather was pretty good,started at 16°(60),ended in 21°(70).Probably a good choice to swerve the HM,45m is still a nice week,how are you feeling about Chicago?

                    Fishy-Nicely done on the AG win.

                    I used to use gherkin juice to get rid of cramps,I'm presuming I can buy this in Chicago? Will carry it incase it hits again.

                    5k 17:35,10k 36:43,10m 61:55,HM 1:24:03,Full 3:07:39


                    Intl. correspondent

                      Ian - A valiant effort and a great result! That’s a horrendous weather for my preference 🥵


                      DW - I’m suffering a bit to recover from the combo but hopefully it gets better over time.


                      Dave - toxic air is the worst. It seems to me we didn’t have this kind of problem years ago, but that maybe because I lived in Brazil where the air quality is always good.


                      Steve - That’s a bit scary level of cramps. Was there any way that you could’ve stopped early that run ? Ideally you should never come close to the limit during training.

                      Anyway, if I were you I’d be spending the next days until race day focusing only on positive things. 

                      DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT read the news. Do not go into Facebook. Focus on eating well, sleeping well, shitting well. Watch videos of kittens or anything that will get your mind in a good state. Those are great examples of do as I say don't do as I do 😂

                      My wife will be targeting sub 1h48. Weather does not look good but if she can PR on crappy weather that’s a good sign.


                      Fishy - That’s a LOT of miles!


                      Cal - Monster of a week as usual!

                      PRs: 1500 4:54.1 2019 - 5K 17:53 2023 - 10K 37:55 2023 - HM 1:21:59 2021

                      Up next: 21K Eco Trail Porto (https://porto.ecotrail.com/en/race-ecotrail-porto/20km)

                      Tool to generate Strava weekly


                      RIP Milkman

                        Steve - I love that photo. Thanks for posting it.


                        Ian - that's not too bad of a positive split. I had thought you were going out at some insane pace and came in at 3:10. Overall I think that's something to be happy with!


                        Fishy - it's hard to give up those run commutes. I'm now addicted to them. If I have a day where I need to be in the office and I for some reason can't run commute, I feel very upset. I have one upcoming this week (bringing daughter to school in the AM, after-work activity in the PM). Anyway, you followed Daniels pretty strongly last time. Don't think there's much to change with your approach.


                        Dave - I saw some pics on RP's Strava with the smoke. Looked awful. No way you can run in that stuff.


                        mmerkle - take a look at my long run (Saturday) and yours. Almost the exact same pace. Just pointing out that it's not the be all and end all. I remember the best long run of my life right before my PR. I think I averaged MP+60 seconds on that run.



                        I haven't really been posting my weeks, but I guess I will for the next 6 weeks or so of my attempt to cram a marathon cycle into a compressed timeframe. Going to try to hit all time highs for MPW and go for broke with this marathon (as seen by my stupid idea to run two 20+ milers this week even though I'm injury prone). Will start doubling this week off of Keen's advice.


                        Weekly for period: From: 09/05/2022 To 09/11/2022

                        Date Name mi km Duration Avg/mi Avg/km Elevation Gain
                        in ft
                        09/05 Morning Run 6.82 10.97 00:57:28 08:26 05:14 259
                        09/06 Evening Run 10.83 17.42 01:25:09 07:52 04:53 387
                        09/07 9E + 4x2T (5:54) + 3E 20.32 32.70 02:31:47 07:28 04:39 659
                        09/08 Morning Run 7.18 11.56 01:02:52 08:45 05:26 164
                        09/09 Afternoon Run 11.52 18.54 01:31:31 07:57 04:56 404
                        09/10 Afternoon Run 21.87 35.19 02:37:06 07:11 04:28 745
                        09/11 Afternoon Run 6.65 10.70 00:56:50 08:33 05:19 253

                        Total distance: 85.20mi

                        5K: 16:37 (11/20)  |  10K: 34:49 (10/19)  |  HM: 1:14:57 (5/22)  |  FM: 2:36:31 (12/19) 


                        Next Race: NYC Half (3/19)



                        Cobra Commander Keen

                          Steve - That's a TON of 20s! Checking my schedule, I have 3x 20's and 1x 22 planned. I might end up not getting in one of the 20s as I'll be travelling out of state with DD1 for a football/soccer tournament that weekend.
                          Don't sweat that one run! I'm probably the "electrolyte acolyte" on the forums, so naturally I'll inquire as to your sodium/potassium/magnesium status.
                          Really solid week, regardless.
                          Nice job working on the farm strength!


                          Fishy - Really nice week. I'm definitely in agreement that an easy 20 requires less recovery than a workout.
                          I have run a couple marathons without looking at my watch, but never one run for time - I was just out there for the "fun" of it.

                          JMac - Do you include a workout in those mid-long runs? 4 miles each for warm up/cool down maybe 6 miles of quality, plus whatever is within the recovery periods can get a person to 15 miles pretty easily.
                          Re: your "you will hit a bad patch in a marathon" bit. Absolutely true. I very vividly remembering you said this prior to me running Dallas 2019, and it was in my mind at mile 10 when I thought "this is feeling harder than it should" and decided that "it will pass if I just keep trucking along". Too bad it was that stomach bug hitting and not your typical marathon rough spot!
                          Let me know how those doubles work out for you.

                          Dave - Man, that sucks about the weather for your race. I'm looking at a bit of that as well (55* and calm this morning, it'll be 70 with a 10mph wind Saturday morning). Not much we can do about that, unfortunately.
                          The AQI issues you, RP, and everyone else on the left coast have to put up with are absolutely insane.

                          Ian - Congratulations, and I'm also looking forward to reading that RR.

                          Cal - Strong week, especially considering that it is both pre and post marathon!



                          Bad GPS distance at races - I'll throw in a big recommendation for Stryd here. Even discounting the running power metric itself, once you get your calibration figured out (a simple task) the pace and distance reported are astonishingly accurate and consistent. Last year every single race I ran with mine was around .2-.5% longer than the certified, measured distance.



                          Weekly for period: From: 09/05/2022 To 09/11/2022

                          Date Name mi km Duration Avg/mi Avg/km Elevation Gain
                          in ft
                          09/05 The new road section is nice for now, but let's withhold final judgement until after it rains 11.00 17.71 01:32:00 08:22 05:12 466
                          09/05 Afternoon Run 4.15 6.68 00:34:26 08:18 05:09 102
                          09/06 Griddle time 10.10 16.26 01:32:46 09:11 05:42 371
                          09/07 6x mile @ HMe 14.66 23.58 01:53:37 07:45 04:49 367
                          09/07 Runchable 4.10 6.60 00:37:25 09:08 05:40 207
                          09/08 Sleep walking 8.15 13.12 01:15:04 09:13 05:43 295
                          09/09 1 meteor 10.01 16.10 01:26:30 08:38 05:22 476
                          09/09 Alright, now I feel better 4.05 6.52 00:35:49 08:51 05:30 190
                          09/10 5 rabbits, 4 deer (4 strides), 2 hot air balloons, & 1 possum 18.01 28.97 02:30:59 08:23 05:13 860
                          09/11 That time I batted 1.000 6.10 9.82 00:55:04 09:02 05:36 197
                          09/11 Jaunt w/ DW 1.01 1.62 00:11:50 11:43 07:18 52

                          Total distance: 91.34mi

                          5k: 17:58 11/22 │ 10k: 37:55 9/21 │ HM: 1:23:22 4/22 │ M: 2:56:05 12/22


                          Upcoming Races:


                          Heartland 50 - May 6


                            Keen -Nice week and more solid consistent miles.  Can't wait to see the cim payoff!


                            MMerkle- Impressive 13 miles without checking your watch on a run with a workout is mental conditioning at it's best.


                            JMac a 20 AND a 22 in the same week....I'm starting to wonder if your account was hacked (but then I looked at the pace for your 22 and knew it was you)?  Next you'll be banging out the 100 mile weeks. The run commutes and early morning runs have been a great addition.  I'm not running them fast or with ant quality but maybe that will come too..


                            No Watch- I actually forgot my watch at home this AM and ran 13 to work without it. I've been battling with malfunctioning airpods and it's thrown my whole routine off....Maybe time to buy a new set but spending the $ pisses me off.

                            5K 18:36 (2023), 10K 39:40 (2022), 1/2 1:29:07 (2015), full 2:58:36 (2015) 

                              I've been battling with malfunctioning airpods and it's thrown my whole routine off....Maybe time to buy a new set but spending the $ pisses me off.


                              Not sure what the rest of the folks here do, but I never run with headphones. I did early in my running career, but decided that was just one more thing to deal with before a run - making sure I had my device and a means of holding it, keeping things charged, deciding on music/podcast/audiobook, etc. Just wanted to keep it simple. Also I decided that being able to tolerate long stretches of boredom was a good skill for a distance runner. Some people think I'm crazy for going on 3 hour solo runs with nothing but the thoughts in my head. But to each their own.



                                Cal: Not my first, I did one in the spring and one a long time ago in fall of 2012. So not my first cycle but I'm definitely still a rookie marathon wise.


                                JMac: Noted. I'm more so happy that I was able to hit some upper 6's without strain. I do still fret over average pace but much less than before. I'm still working on it as well as going by feel over time. They are in some ways the same issue probably.


                                Dave: I only listen to music when on the treadmill because that's miserable without it. Otherwise I agree, too much effort to carry another thing. I have no problem letting my mind wander when I have scenery. Plus it's good to listen for cars and cyclists etc.