User with blank info under weekly and monthly stats (Read 41 times)


    I am trying to help another user troubleshoot why her monthly and weekly stats are blank.  It seems to me that she has things setup correctly and she says she did see info there before.  User name is kirslods  Any idea?


    The reason I am checking is that we are trying using your site for our marathon training group (should being you about 50 people total) so she reached out to me when she found this issue

      Hi Coach_Mark,

      Can you confirm the user name?  I can't find it in the system.


      eric Smile


        Whoops, misspelled.  In any event her husband figured it out.  I guess she was using an iPad and he said some widget was not installed.  Not sure what that means as it works fine with my iPad, but she has it resolved and is a happy camper.  Thanks for the fast response