Gotta love small races (Read 1007 times)

    I got my first age group win today! It was far from a PR race for me; I didn't even know I was going to run it until I rolled out of bed this morning. Anyway, thanks to the small size of the thing, my 20:25 finish was good enough to finish well ahead of anyone else 30-39. The win came with a medal and a nice gym bag... not too shabby. A raffle prize, piece of pie and free frisbee combined to send me home feeling like I got more than my money's worth out the entry fee.

    5K - 18:25 - 3/19/11
    10K - 39:38 - 12/13/09
    1/2 - 1:29:38 - 5/30/10
    Full - 3:45:40 - 5/27/07

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      Age group wins are fun no matter what size the race! Congrats.

      I have a love/hate relationship with running. I do it, but sometimes I love to hate it.

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        awesome! Big grin I will admit to occasionally being partial to the short race in a multi-distance day because age group wins come easier!

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          Very cool! I just registered for a 5k that was advertising 5 year age bracket awards. It should be a pretty small race anyway, so maybe there's a sliver of hope for me. Wink

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            Cool - I'd love to run a race where I'm gunning for a place and not just a PR. I guess I should have run that race too, seeing as though I'm also a Nate, in my 30s, living in New England and with a 5K time in the 20-minute range.
              Wow! I bet that was pretty cool. Congrats!

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                Awesome! In our town, the small races are the most competitive, so don't short yourself on your accomplishment!






                  Very cool. The small races need runners too. Nice of you to support them!



                    Was it cherry pie Big grin

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                      Of course its only cherry picking if you purposely pick small races with the sole intention of winning bling-bling. Congrats.

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                        I've won my age group twice, both (obviously) in small races. I won a 5K that was a fundraiser for an elementary school - not too many 50 year old women with elementary-aged kids! And well over half the racers were wearing the cotton race tees that they'd just received - a sure sign it's not a fast field. Big grin I didn't win any cool prizes, though, just a ribbon. The coolest AG win was at my first ever half marathon. I had a crappy run - they didn't have anything but water at the aid stations, and I hadn't brought gatorade or gu, so I bonked pretty bad and walked a bunch of the last 3 miles. With a time of 2:24, I WON my age group, 1st out of 4, and won a pair of Solomon trail shoes. Made me feel much less disappointed about my run!

                        I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.

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                          In 7 marathons, I've been first in AG twice and 2nd once. Of course in the two that I was first I was also the only one in my AG. I'm not sure why the old women aren't still out there. The old guys certainly are. Maybe they've been lying about their ages for so long that they don't remember how old they are!

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