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    ok it was just 4 x 400 with 200 jogs and 200 walking.... 400 reps... but I ran all 4 pretty close to the same 1:21.73 1:20.79 1:20.50 1:20.67 -------------- 5:24 Big grin But on top of that I was really consistent... I think I could have run 2 more at that pace but the effort would have had to really go up that last one was getting tough to hold on the pace though the final curve.... I just ran out of time I had to get to work... I wasn't sure how fast that was... I was planning to try to run 1:29-1:32 ish but I relaxed into the first one... and ran the first 100 slower in the second one (or so I thought)... and I just felt good... I hadn't done the math... and when I logged it... I was shocked. I know this is only one mile and broken into 400's with basically full recovery but it gives me hope that running a sub 1:32:00 1/2 marathon is a possibility... for me in nov.
      Somewhere in my dreams I run that fast. Nice job!

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        Somewhere in my dreams I run that fast. Nice job!
        Great job, jsobo! LOL, I can't even run that fast in my dreams!! I just watch my son, instead.
          Wow! Nice work and congrats!

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