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    I'm looking for a long-sleeved shirt to run in this summer when I'm out in the sun and need some recommendations. Sounds crazy, but I burn faster than... well, let's just say I burn and tend to sweat sunscreen off (mostly into my eyes). We don't need to get into how ridiculous my sunburns can get. Surprised Anyone have a super-wicking L/S shirt suggestion for me??? Something that I can wear in 80F weather without cooking myself in? Bonus points if I can find it on sale. Thanks. Eryn

    Some runners drag a tire. I drag a Great Pyrenees.

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      As a fellow redhead, I'm also interested in what comes of this research.

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        I think this is what a lot of the folks running Badwater wear. Long sleeved but not hot, protects against the sun: http://www.nozone.ca/noz_usa.htm
          You da MAN, Trent! Big grin Where does he come up with this stuff? Roll eyes They're quiet. Must be shopping. Smile


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            Wow, Trent, awesome. No bonus point for not being on sale, but I will start saving up to buy me one of those babies. Sweet, thanks again! Big grin

            Some runners drag a tire. I drag a Great Pyrenees.

              Under Armour has a line called "Heat Gear", but I don't know if it has the UV protection of the stuff Trent posted. Looks like it may be slightly cheaper though.

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