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    So we have re-joined the gym. It is actually a fairly large one with a 200m track so at least we can get in some decent simulated runs, although I have been enjoying the elliptical machine and the treadmill this past week. I have also gotten a chance to catch up on some forgotten weight training. The only issue Anita and I have at the moment is that it is so warm and dry in there. I am needing more water than any of my runs from this past summer. The tread mill is a nice change from the track because at 200m per lap, after 5k /20 laps it's a bit dizzying! I haven;t run outside in over w a week but the weather seems to be looking good this week so hopefully tomorrow morning I can pound the pavement once again. D

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      I've never used a treadmill but I have to admit to being mildly terrified of gyms! I lived in London for 15 years before moving here to NZ and the gym my husband attended was full of plastic looking women that never seemed to break a sweat and that ran on shiny machines whilst plugged into television soap operas or MTV. They scared me! most of them were an uncanny shade of orange too. What's with that? I can understand your need though! We are just heading into summer here in NZ and already I am panicking about training hard over the winter months. The cold, wet and dark aren't really inducive to motivation - how does that line go again 'Runners run'. Actually now that I am taking my running more seriously i would probably love to be able to afford gym membership. I am seriously lacking in the cross training department and I would really like to improve both my core body strength and my upper body strength. Women here are generally sturdy, hairy and less orange than those in London - plus they often possess additional skills, like how to make roadkill feed a family of 26 or how to make sheep offal cake. I blame it on the volcanoes. Enjoy running in the warm! Claire xxx
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        My wife and I joined the local YMCA. I wanted to join so that I could swim and do the spinning classes. She initially joined for the yoga and pilates, but now she's been doing spin classes. Personally, I cannot bring myself to get on a treadmill. But that's me.