What treadmill would you buy with this budget? (Read 1028 times)


    GB pounds ... Euros ... US Dollars...... Canadian dollars ... Rupees?!! This is an international site y'know !!! Wink
    so noted. that would be american dollars. Blush i like the nordic track except for the freaking incline thing (only 12 degrees) -- my husband thinks the Sole brand is a good bet. We still haven't made the leap, so any other treadmill users please feel free to weigh in. I'd also welcome any "DO NOT BUY THIS MACHINE" comments. We're probably going to have to trek to a larger metropolis to try these things out and I want to have a full list before I go. Thanks!!!! I can't wait to get this thing bought so I can get back to actually training. Right now working out is a sporadic affair and the TM will definitely solve that problem, all its other evils aside. Wink

      Must admit when i bought mine i found the choice bewildering ... so i plumbed for one that was basic but not the cheapest....oh, and of course the free exercise bike offer might have had something to do with it! Wink