How much should I run this week? (Read 212 times)

    I have a 5K this coming Saturday. How much should I run this week?

      30 miles every day,

      Know thyself.


        67 miles. On Thursday.

        Call me Ray (not Ishmael)

          30 miles everyday and 67 miles Thursday.

          Jon the Freshman

            For a 5k it shouldn't really matter what you do early in the week. you can still do a hard wk on monday and an easier one wednesday. on thursday do a normal easy run and on friday do an even easier taper with some strides. this all depends on what your training level is at so look at what you've been doing and think about what i wrote and what you feel good doing personally.

              This will be the event I have ever run in. I was hurt, so I took 2 weeks off and it feels ok now. If I run 3 miles everyday (run it hard 6 to 7 min mile) and just run 1.5 on Friday should be ok then?

                Kevin, we're making fun of you because you haven't opened up your log or given us any information, so no one can give you advice. Throw folks a bone here.

                Call me Ray (not Ishmael)

                  It is open I thought.

                    Is my workout open to public now?

                      Your starting point should be whatever amount of running you would do if you didn't have a 5k this Saturday. You should run no more than that and possibly a bit less, depending on how important the 5k is to you.

                      Runners run.

                        Is my workout open to public now?




                        Options>Log Preferences>Training Log Access (allow everyone to see my log) and then save

                        Know thyself.


                          Here's what I'd do in a perfect world, I run about 35 Miles a week.


                          Sunday -  1:30-1:40  min easy/long run  pace

                          Monday - 20~30 minutes easy jog or cross training

                          Tuesday:          1:00 - 1:20 minutes aerobic running

                          Wednesday:     30 minutes easy jog

                          Thursday:         Rest or cross training or easy jog

                          Friday:              3~5×100m easy strides with a small 5 min warmup

                          Saturday:         Race


                            For a Saturday 5k I always cut back during the week until Thursday when I run too hard and then I spend Friday hoping my legs recover for Saturday.  But man that Thursday run feels good.

                            Bill Wagnon / stl

                              I think I got it now.

                                So have you run more than 6 times total?


                                I like Mikeymike's answer best.

                                Call me Ray (not Ishmael)