Just ran for the first time in 5 years!!!! (Read 195 times)


    WOW - Thanks for all the support! I love the 30 mins every day mantra - I shall do that!


    Its really good to be back among people that LOVE to run!


    Thanks again!


      +1 for making it a habit.


      I used to "run" when I was in the Navy, but I was never really a runner, only did the bare minimum.  I was never really in good shape while I was on active duty, and then got worse when I got out.  Last year I got tired of it, fixed my diet and started running.  Dropped 85lbs and now at 38 I'm in the best shape of my life.


      You can do it, just stick with it! Smile


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        Like nearly everyone else in this thread, I ran a lot when I was in my teens and early 20's. This included a marathon and a lot of running while I was in the Navy. Afterwards, my life was devoted to my wife and kids. Before I knew it, 20 years had flown by and I was getting massively out of shape. Several years ago, my daughter motivated me to get back into martial arts, and now I am working on an instructor certification. But, no matter how many push-ups and sit-ups one can do, nothing takes the place of running. I have only been back to running, (faithfully), for four months, but my endurance is coming back quickly. I have done several 5Ks this year, and I'm doing the Mudderland 5k, in Kingsbury, IN (mud race) this weekend. I can see myself doing a 10k soon and I might shoot for a 15k in late fall.


        So, can we get it back? Definatly. We just have to be realistic and look at running as a long term sport. Once the habit is formed, it does become fun again. My endurance is returning and I am realistic about the impact 20 years has had on my legs. But, does that mean I will never beat my old times? I hope not... I have many years of running left in me, and anything is possible.


          I wasn't ever a runner, but I was a ballerina, once in my life. I never had to work or be athletic, was naturally thin.


          After having babies, I just kept getting fatter, lazier. I seriously LOVED birthing babies, being pregnant, eating ice-cream and all of that.


          Running for me, is harder than labor. I seriously equate my runs to labor and "push and breathe" through it. I was thinking this morning that having a baby is easier for me than this! I am CRAZY!


          Anyway, I started running in January and I am still BAD at it, you can feel free to look at my log and it will make you feel better in just a few months about your running. I have asthma and am allergic to 95% of the environment. Thank God for modern medicine!


          But, it is a habit! I can't stop now because I it drives me crazy when I don't run. I just took off for 3 days due to pain and it about killed me. Everything is better when I run, stress, life, even taking a shower feels better!  Just keep at it and don't worry about how fast or slow you are, don't think about what other people are doing or saying or seeing. It is about YOU and no one else. Women are BAD about comparing ourselves to others, don't be tempted! Just do what you can do and it will eventually become a gift that you have given yourself!


            WTG you!  And of course you can come back to running.  You did it once, you'll do it again. Heck, about 3 times a year, I feel like I'm starting all over.  That's just life, sometimes you do something, sometimes you stop doing it, and if you want, you start again.  I hadn't even started running at 41, so go for it.  You're still young, and as a former runner, you're starting with an advantage many of us didn't have.


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              Awesome! So glad you came back to running Smile

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