Is there somewhere to set the time zone? (Read 28 times)

Little Blue

    I have a new tablet, and the timestamps on forum posts seem to be off by one or two time zones. I checked my settings, the locale settings  appear correct. Is there a another place to look to change the time zone? I am on EST.


    The time stamps on other sites and on my tablet are right, it seems to be just here.


    MTA: it seems to be only on mobile because it does it on my phone too. On my desktop machine it is correct. A post  that was posted at noon on my desktop machine is showing 5:00 tonight on mobile devices.

    an amazing likeness

      Timezone is auto learned from the browser when you first login to RA. If you do a logout/login cycle, it should pick up new (correct) settings from the device/browser.


      If the simple logout, then login doesn't correct it, try deleting any browser cookies related to RunningAhead.com and then login.

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      Little Blue

        I just added new detail to my post.

        Little Blue

          But that worked. Thanks!

          T W

            I am also on EST.  The date shown now on Runningahead is 12/14.  But, it is actually 12/13 3:56PM now.  I tried log in/out and deleted cookies and used different browsers.  But, none worked.  I just spent hours to manually change all the past records.  Fortunately, I have a backup on RunKeeper, which have correct date/time.