Widgets misbehaving (Read 111 times)

    Hi Eric,


    I'm trying to change which widgets show up on my summary page, but I get a four-direction arrow cursor when I try to drop down the widgets menu, and that cursor won't select anything. I did just discover that deleting one on the widget itself works fine--but now I can't get it back! Oops!



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      How have you been?


      Which browser are you using?  The drag and drop doesn't quite work with touch devices.  If you're on one, you can delete all of the widgets, which would cause the summary page to reset and they'll all come back.


      eric Smile


        I'm having the same issue. Accidentally deleted my goal and weather widgets and cannot get them back. Tried the reset method and all the defaults came back. When I click on the widgets button only "activity graph" appears with the four way arrows.


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          yep, widgets are wonky here too.  Using chrome.

            I stand corrected.  There was a bug introduced in one of the updates recently.  It is now fixed.


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              Hi Eric! I hadn't been logging my indoor runs all winter, so I was away from RA.


              Turns out I'm just dumb: I didn't realize the directional arrows meant I had to drag and drop the widget. I thought I had to click on them and they would appear. Carry on. Blush

              Call me Ray (not Ishmael)