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    Hi Eric,


    I used this site from 2006-2008, but I quit running mostly because I couldn't keep up with grad work and run at the same time.  Some people can, I wasn't one of them.  Anyway, I am back now, but my time away has me wondering if there is a way to delete my previous record without simply starting a new account, since I'm rather attached to my user name.


    I was never able to finish the two marathons I trained for previously, one due to a car accident and couldn't run the race at all and the other due to an injury during the race.  So, personally, I'd like to be able to start fresh with a clean slate sort of thing.


    Is there a way to do this? 


    ETA: Mostly, I would just like to clear the total miles run category.  The PR, etc don't bother me, but the total miles run seems sort of misleading since it's been a year or more since I last added any miles.

      Your log isn't public, so I can't see how many workouts you would have to delete.... but you could do it manually.  Bit of a pain I know.


      Why do you want to delete them by the way.  I am in the same position by the way - and am happy just to let them sit there.  It's good to refer back to, to learn from mistakes, and to motivate you when you see how much better you are running now.

        You could change your username to something else, then create a new account with the old username.

        But I'm with Purdey.  I'd keep the history.  I have my own hiatus in my training log from fall of 2004 through spring of 2006.  When I look back at that gap and how hard I've worked since then, it reminds me that running is hard but that it's worth it.

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          I agree with the others, and you can always create custom reports for yourself if you want to see what you've done from this point forward.



            Thank you to everyone who gave suggestions. 


            My main reason for wanting a fresh start is purely psychological, and somewhat embarrassing to admit.  But, when I was training for the second marathon, I was greatly discouraged by where I had been before and where I was at that point.  Before the car accident, I was running a great pace (for me) at 10 miles, and I was excited to continue.  When I started training after being injured, I often just felt like I would never get up to those miles again, and when I did my times were no where near as good as they had been before.  So, I got extremely frustrated.  This time around, it's been even longer and I have no doubt my times will be affected.  Therefore, I would rather get it out of the record and start fresh.  That way, I can focus on how great the running felt before and not see how far I have left to get back to where I was.  I don't know if that makes sense to you guys, but it does to me. 


            So, I've followed a suggestion mentioned in this thread and transferred over my info to essentially a new account with my old user name. 


            Now, does anyone know if you can delete an account?  I'd hate to take up extra space with an account that is no longer needed.

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              Welcome back!  I agree with other posters that you should keep your data.  Since you've made up your mind, I could put your on the delete queue.  It won't be deleted immediately but will be cleared out after some wait period.  Let me know if this is what you want.

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                Where would we be as people, without history?


                Be not afraid! 

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                  Where would we be as people, without history?


                  Be not afraid! 



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                    Sara, I remember you...I wondered where you'd gone.  Glad that you are back and ready to start over...and then move on to bigger and better things. Smile

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                      I think you should keep your history, too.

                      If ... oh my, if, I had only had a place such as this to log my runs eons ago.

                      Someday, when you get ancient, you may want to read over your postings. Kinda fun.

                      And, no doubt, you could learn from your old self.

                      I have also had injuries that temporarily ended running: broken pelvis (car+bike) and snapped ACL/broken leg. May not be to the degree of a car accident, but hey, you are back to running and that is awesome.

                      Good luck.