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    Yes and no.  I have no plans to run a bazillion half marathons (or even two a weekend, a la my double marathon weekends).  So not beastly. 

    I think you are missing the mathematical point re 333.


    Number of times in the past 12 months that it has been brought to my attention "so-and-so asked if you were gay" (because I wear pink): 4, that I recall.  Different so-and-so's.

    Meanwhile, I ran through the streets of San Francisco wearing a silver-sequined g-string, and nobody asked if I was gay. Huh.


      Nah, I got it.  I've had 666 brought up a few times.  Sometimes as "333 halves now?"  Sometimes they get tricky, "you know, if you switch to halves, you have to run 666 halves, That will add up to another 333 marathons and get you to 666".


        Hmm, but then you would be one short of 1,000 halves + marathons + ultras, which would be a shame.


          I finished 333 today.  Not fast, not slow.  Ran evenly.  Drank a wee glass of whiskey at mile 2.2 just after exiting the 2 mile long tunnel.


          I might put together some numbers sometime.  Not feeling it today.


          Here's a curious number that doesn't mean much, especially in terms of Important Stuff in the World..  At the end of 2011, my 312 marathons+ultras (at that point) was ranked 250th all-time in the world and 54th all-time in the US.  According to this list which I am absolutely sure wasn't really actually accurate:




          I can guarantee that 333 will move me up a couple spots, unless someone blew by me, because there are 2 folks who stopped.  And if I run #334, I can skip in front of the dude who stopped at 333 because he died.  Oh dear.


          I'm 14th all time in the maniacs.


          However, there are a ton of folks these days running lots of marathons, and lots more races to run.  As well as events that I struggle to really consider "races" and groups that are putting on 2 races a weekend.  So I will sink for sure. 


          Ah well. 


          It's just running.


          I'm kind of burned out.







            2017 Goals:

            #1: Do what I can do (200+ training days, 200+ aerobic hours). 

            #2: Race shape (1/2 marathon, 2 half Ironmans, marathon)

            #3: Prepare for 2018

              Very cool! Smile

              old woman w/hobby

                Awesome, fore sure! 



                "Just stop fucking drinking too much and being fat.  Pretty simple.  Who the hell cares if you like beer.  

                We can't always do the things we like all the time."  --Candice



                   201x goals: run a bunch....race some.....repeat...

                  Demon of Bad Decisions

                    Congrats.  That is a big number.  The racing must have been nice, but the people you have met along the way and the unbelievable places you have been able to see and experience must have been so special.

                    I want to do it because I want to do it.  -Amelia Earhart


                      an amazing likeness

                        Kudos on both the amazing mental and physical accomplishment of completing all those events, often while recovering yourself. Also on having an out-clause and not getting trapped by the streak...that takes a strength which some don't have.

                        I've done my best to live the right way. I get up every morning and go to work each day. (for now)

                          Way to go, Stevie Ray. I am beginning to feel burned out myself at 79. 333... I can only imagine.


                          See you at White River. (Retired? Ha!)


                            Now you should rest on your laurels!  (for a day or two)   Smile


                            Running is stupid

                              Congrats Stevie Ray.  


                                Congrats.  That is a big number.  The racing must have been nice, but the people you have met along the way and the unbelievable places you have been able to see and experience must have been so special.


                                Yes, this is all true.  Also part of why I didn't immediately throw together a bunch of numbers (or prepare them in advance), because that's not really what it was about most of the time.  It was the traveling... the numbers happened along the way.  Also why I continued to run in pink long after my relationship with my ex-wife completely dissolved.  I met so many people that had been touched by breast cancer that it has remained important to me.


                                (fwiw, I ran 333 in maniac colors, not pink.  The maniacs have given me a lot over the years, and the sole reason why 333 was the supposed big deal was because the club president made it so to me.  And has been hella super nice to me over the years.)