New Balance MT110 Really Sized THAT Small? (Read 785 times)

    I was going to order a pair of New Balance 110s online and the ShoeFitr thing at RunningWarehouse says I need a whole size larger than my Brooks Flow's, which are also the same size as my Nikes and Asics. Anyone with that pair of NB who can confirm that? 


    (I know the answer is go to my local store and try them on but all this running makes me lazy.)

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      That would be odd.  I generally wear an 8 in NB (sometimes even a 7.5), but have to go to a 8.5 for just about every other brand I've ever tried.  Generally that ShoeFitr thing seems to be pretty spot-on, though.

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        Well, it's definitely smaller than all of the other NBs I've worn on that last - sent mine back.

        And, did recently try on a pair of the Brooks Pure Grits ... based on my experience with the 110s, various NBs, and the Brooks, yep - size up in the 110.


        Ordering from RW, you can always send them back - free.


        FWIW - I've had no joy with ShoeFitr. Compared a pair of shoes I was considering to two pairs I currently run comfortably in ... it said I needed either an 8.5 or a 9.5.  The 8.5 turned out to be WAY too small; the 9.5 is a bit looser than I currently wear things - the 9 might be just right, but can't get it anymore.


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          Interesting...I guess I've gotten lucky with the shoeftr thing.  Definitely more useful than RRS's universal "order 1/2 size up" garbage.

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            I have a pair of NB MT10s and MR10s, and I had to get both of them in size 11.5, instead of my regular 11. FWIW. So AT LEAST a half size up.