Support for Safari? (Read 537 times)


    When I look at the site on Safari, the maps don't show up. Is this a google issue? or a runningahead issue? B.T.W. Great Site!!!
      This is a scripting issue on this site. Safari doesn't like the script. I haven't been able to get my hands on a Mac with Safari yet. When I do, I'll have it fixed. Sorry about any inconveniences. eric Smile
        Glad to see you know about this. I spend half my day on a Mac and half on a PC. I noticed the difference but thought I was missing some plugin or something on the Mac. I love working on the Mac but haven't been able to convince the world to switch yet so I still run into bugs here and there. Thanks for working on it. jwidner - I am sure you probably already know this but you can download firefox and use it on the Mac. The maps work fine if you log in via firefox.
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          Yes, as a matter of fact I do have both on my Mac. It's just right now I have Safari as my default browser, but that may change! Firefox is pretty good as well! Yes