Compression gear? (Read 790 times)

    I was doing some browsing on the internet today and I came across compression sleeves, and socks and pretty much compression stuff for every part of the body.  What's the purpose of it?  As a beginner runner should I be wearing any?

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      It's mostly about style.

      Runners run.


        you're wrong there, mikey. wearing compression gear will make you run faster.

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          its feels better to run in.

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            Something something about reducing muscle vibration / improved circulation, personnally I am hoping all the vibration helps tone me.  Big grin


            Running is stupid


              I just wear it to look cool.


              Because, really, who DOESNT look cool in knee-high black socks.


                Didn't some else just explain that compression gear is very helpful if you are aiming for interesting tan lines.  


                S Army Kettle run...

                  I have to wear compression shorts to keep from walkin' like a cowboy after 10miles of running.