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Gandalf the Grey

    Hi fellow RA members ... Now that Eric has started 'world domination' for running shirts I thought it would be interesting to see how far and how quickly these shirts spread around our planet. I'll start ... mine has already been for its first outing in Cheshire (England) .... so - how quickly will we circle the globe and how many countries will be included? Neil UK Smile

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    Princess Cancer Pants

      Mine ran the Grand Rapids Half Marathon in MI. Smile k

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      madness baby

        Now I have to plan a trip so mine can go somewhere! Tongue
          Mine's still making the long, 5-mile journey from Eric's dining room table to my dining room table. I should have just run over and picked it up...

          Runners run.

            I haven't ordered mine yet. Blush


            Another Passion

              I haven't ordered mine yet. Blush
              Ditto. But, I am going to do that right now. Cool

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                Just ordered one. When that one arrives and I confirm that I actually picked the right size, I'll order another. Thanks Eric. Smile


                Basically... run!

                  My shirt went on its first run this afternoon. I ordered it on Friday night and it arrived here in Seattle today - just in time for my run after work. I had an awesome run wearing my new shirt, and I swear it made me faster! Smile


                    Mine's been to my living room in Mansfield, TX - but not on a run yet. Thanks, Eric!

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                      Mine just got here. I plan on wearing it on tomorrow's run (even if I end up freezing my tail end off) Oh and I hope to wear it for the Philly Marathon. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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                        Shocked ....(How do I get muskiels like rockenmama? The research begins! Wink)


                          I tried mine on, it fits. I plan on wearing mine on Sunday when I run a 5k. Of course I'll have to wear a long sleeve shirt under it, but that's okay.



                            OK...I wore mine for an 8K race today in Juneau AK and it did really well under a longer sleeved shirt. That's my best running partner Rusty and I had a great race! I needed cleats for this race (last race for our roadrunners club) Here's a link to the picture until I figure out how to insert a friggin picture http://picasaweb.google.com/sherrytamone/VeteransS8K/photo?authkey=RL6-G70H9SI#5131335321038402562
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                              Mine got me through my longest run yet today- it is fantastic! Of course in Miami, FLi there was no need for a long sleeve underneath as we just finally entered our "cool" season last week. I plan on wearing it for the Palm Beach half in 3 weeks.


                                Shocked ....(How do I get muskiels like rockenmama? The research begins! Wink)
                                I believe your work your tushie off.