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    Would you please advice me how to get the "about me" on your log page? I have don't the "my profile" in options. New here and fairly new to running; much help may be needed. Thank you.

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      I think the "About Me" link is only visible to other people, i.e. when you view your log, the "About Me" option is not there. As long as you check the "Allow the World to See My Profile and Stats" box under the My Profile option, when someone looks at your log, they should be able to click on the "About Me" link. However, as of my writing this, your training log isn't public. To do that, you have to go to "My Log Preferences" under options and check one of the options for making your log public.

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        Yeah, what he said. And welcome to RA and congrats on quitting smoking - I have the same quit date as you!

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