I qualified for Boston! (Read 1141 times)

    I needed almost every second but I finally got my BQ in Philadelphia. The qualifier time for my age group is 3:30 (well really 3:30:59) and finished in 3:30:11. I put so much pressure on myself to qualify that it’s really a relief to finally achieve it.
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    Running in Tampa

      And you did that with icy water stations too! Great job. (ps, I would have been in pants)



        Congrats! Nice work!

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          Awesome! Congratulations!!

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            CONGRATS! - I'll never forget that feeling. It is awesome!



            I fly.


              Bring it on.

              The young Mama Bear!

                Go you! Cool
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                  Yay you!! Cool
                    Congratulations Mark! Third time's a charm, right?


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                      Congrats! You are among the best! Way to go!

                      See how they run...

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                          As someone who narrowly missed a BQ after a whole year of training, Congrats! I hope to see you there someday. It ain't easy.

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                            Congrats!!! Cool

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                              Nice going!

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                                Nice Running!!! Way to go!!!