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    I have to admit, I'm not much of a winter runner- my mileage really drops off because I hate running on a treadmill and I hate running in the cold. Plus I go skiing a lot, and after a hard day on the slopes, I am not up for running as well. Anyway, throughout the winter, I just happened to notice that my running is getting much, much easier. My legs are never sore, I haven't needed a walk break in months (and I used to take them on any run over 3 miles), my intervals are faster, longer, and easier, and it just seems more fluid and natural on my easy runs. The only thing I can think of that could cause this change is how incredibly muscular my quads have become from skiing in unbelievable amounts of powder all winter. It really is making me believe all this hoo-ah everyone is always spewing about cross training being good for your running. Just my little shout out to cross training. Thanks for the help Wink

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      I am a MAJOR proponent of cross training after this Winter. I have been lucky to log even close to 20 miles most weeks, but when I do run I am finding I am generally faster, at least when the roads aren't too snowy or icy. But that running on snow/ice + weight workouts 2-3x/week has really benefitted my running. Like you I have found my legs feel stronger AND my need for higher levels of stability in my shoes even seems to have been reduced. A couple of weeks ago the roads were drier and I decided to wear my shoes with more stability and cushioning (I avoided wearing them most of the Winter in favor of a less stable pair that has "all weather" uppers that keep my feet warmer and drier). Within 2 miles I was in serious pain that was radiating from my knees into my shins and hips. Next run I went back to my shoes with less stability and the pains were gone. I never before had issues with my more stable shoes, but now I think I will avoid wearing them, even though they only have ~100 miles on them and were expensive shoes. I love how much more toned my legs are looking than with running alone, too. AND I'm losing weight much easier than with running or weight training alone. The combo is golden! Big grin k

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