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    i went to the physio a while ago compalaining of lower back pain. he diagnosed this as tight quads pulling down on my lower back muscles. he prescriped stretching both quads 3 X 30 secs 3 time daily which i did and the lower back pain has gone

    now however im getting this strange stiffness in my quads when i run. its not like a normal stiffness with associated pain and lactic acid sensation. its feels more like my quads are frozen like concrete. it usually starts early in the run just above the knees and then spreads to entire quad and eventually gets to the point where my legs just wont do anything. there is no pain just a feeling of upper legs freezing up and refusing to move. same sensation in both quads

    i thought i may have overstretched so took over 3 weeks off without any activity and no stretching. when i ran again the stiffness came back just as bad as ever

    ive been running steadily for last 7-8 years and do about 20-25km once a week


      anyone have any ideas?
      i visited a physio who suggest two possible causes:
      1. weak hamstrings. im not sure as i think my hamstrings are ok and he conceded they looked strong enough. nevertheless im going to try build them up
      2. compartment syndrome. a seroius condition where the muscle is too big for the compartment in which its contained in and as a result blood flow becomes restricted. although its more common in the lower leg and is usually associated with severe pain. im getting this in the quads without pain. just a feeling of quads freezing up and becomming very heavy


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        don't just stretch your quads.  stretch your hams, calves, gluteus, lower upper back.   kinda like on a car....would you just align one tire, or two...no you'd work all four...same idea all your parts and pieces work in conjunction with each other.

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          how do you distinctly describe "back pain?"


          What are you doing when the pain is most notable? Standing, walking, running, climbing stairs?

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