Buying a used treadmill... (Read 203 times)


    Actually I need to fix mine, came across a Landice7 for sale, not sure what it's actually worth, I'll only consider at a very low ball price...it does look like it is in nice shape, in the pics at least...owner say's it a few yrs old and hardly used...anyone know anything about Landice 7 home edition TM's?"...totally basic machine...no bells & whistles...TY


      Fewer bells and whistles mean less things can break!  I looked at tose about three years ago when we got ours.... Got a better deal on a pacemaster but seem to recall it getting good reviews back then. Take it for a test run at your typical pace and see what ya think!  If price is right might as well


      50 Miles - done

      41.6 Miles - done

      26.2 Miles - done

      ...now it's time to get faster. 


        On some treadmills (like my 10 year old pace master) there's a way to check the odometer reading. Might be worthseeing if you can do that with the Landace to see how heavily it has been used?