Tracking Weight? (Read 623 times)


    It would be nice if my weight, which I entered in my preferences was used to populate the weight field of a new run entry. Also, if my weight changes, I am most likely to enter that in for a new weight entry and thus would like to see that value change in my preferences (since I really only have one weight).
      Scott, You are right that the weight field could be updated automatically. I didn't implement what you suggested because I feel that it's a rather personal number. Since it's the profiles, users should have full control of how they wish to present themselves. eric Smile

        Gotcha. COuld you atleast havethe weight field in a new entry defalt to your weight in your profile?
          Scott, How about this: instead of having a default weight field on the log preferences page, you have a check box that says something like: "pre-populate weight using previous workout entry." We can work on the wording of it. It has a similar behavior as what you suggested. I'm not against having a weight field, but I think this might be a little more flexible and easier to implement. What do you think? eric Smile

            Sounds fine. Thanks Eric!