Calendar isn't loading properly (Read 452 times)


    For some reason my calendar isn't loading properly.

    I get the header but no dates (boxes).



     <May                                     June 2011                                                July >


    Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Summary



    I'll look at it again tomorrow, but thought I'd mention it.



      Which browser and version are you using?  I see your calendar just fine.


        Hi Eric,

        I'm using IE9. Version 9.0.8112.16421


        I just checked again and my calendar still isn't loading. It was working yesterday.

        I'm not worried about it. Just thought I should report it.

        Thanks Smile

          Use your scroll wheel when the calender is open and zoom out, change the resolution. I had this happen to me before.



          See THIS thread


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            THANKS Burnt Toast! That worked brilliantly.


            (Saw your screen shot. That's what mine was doing - yup it was.)


            I love a simple solution.