Fauja Singh runs Marathons. And he's 100 years old. (Read 60 times)


Happy to be here.



    Half PR:  1:34 (August, 2012)


    Marathon PR:  3:45 (October, 2012)


    Next race:  ???


    Next Marathon:  2015???


      OMG, that poor man. No parent should ever even have nightmares of seeing this happen to their child. I sometimes run to forget the trivial problems of my life, but I've got nothing, compared to his story...


      "Everything that would come later in life -- the records, the travel, the fame -- all of it was in response to that night. But when Fauja is asked to recount it, he lets his translator tell most of the story. He'd rather not say that he watched the sheet of metal fly at his son's skull, watched iron collide with flesh and his son's head fly off his body. He'd rather not remember the rain falling as Fauja screamed, looking on as his son lay on the ground, dead. Decapitated..."