Rugged case for Moto G7 Optimo Maxx (Read 6 times)


    Hey guys;

    I just bought a Moto G7 Optimo Maxx phone and am looking for a good case to protect it while I run.

    I need the case to have a belt clip, as I will clip it to my running waist belt.

    I see many of these cases on Amazon for $10 or less, but most of them either don't have a belt clip, or have the clip-on shell, which is not as secure as a slide-on shell.

    I have used cases with clip on and slide on shells, and the clip on always wear out after a while, allowing the phone to detach from the shell, to which the belt clip is attached, allowing the phone to fall off of your waist and onto the pavement. And when this happens, the glass is no longer covered, so depending on how it falls, it could break the glass.


    I have also used a pouch type that has a belt clip on back. It worked pretty well for a while - until the Velcro closure lost its grippiness.

    Also, this type of case does not protect the phone after it is removed from the pouch, and IMHO, this is when dropping the phone is most likely - especially after running, with hot sweaty hands.


    I don't mind paying more for a good case, but so far I have not been able to find anything except the cheapie ones on Amazon.


    Thanks for your suggestions